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Influential political ideologue Dr. Patrick Wakida, mostly famous for the very controversial opinion polls his Research World International publishes towards election season, says even when Gen Mugisha Muntu is his good friend, he isn’t following him in the New Political Formation. Having perceived him to be a Muntu man given the way he has been critical of the current FDC leadership, we had believed New Formation promoters who had been claiming Wakida “to naturally be a Muntu man.” So we called him seeking to broaden our understanding regarding the latest in Gen Muntu’s New Formation. “How much progress have you guys made so far?” we asked only to be shocked by Wakida’s answer. “Who told you that I’m in New Formation? I’m not anywhere near those things and I’m not involved in any preparatory work. Not even any paper work.” He said New Formation is something he only reads about in newspapers like any other Uganda external to the Muntu processes. “Yes he [Muntu] reached out and spoke to me but I didn’t buy the New Formation and I’m staying in my great party the FDC. It’s a great party and we are going to work with delegates to ensure we strengthen it at the next delegates’ conference,” said Wakida adding that “There are some problems at Najjanankumbi to the extent there are things which even Dr. Kizza Besigye is unhappy about. We have been talking as comrades and the problem is not Hon Amuriat Oboi [the Party President]. It’s just some two individuals who even the delegates have understood to be the trouble causers and once we get rid of them at the next election, people are going to surprised seeing us giving them a much better party.” To avoid unnecessary conflicts with colleagues in FDC, Wakida was uncomfortable and declined to name the two officials causing discomfort to party members. “They aren’t exactly very bad people. It’s just a matter of redeployment. They can excel serving the party in different positions and not what they currently hold.” He said it would be asking for too much if anybody reached out to him and asked him to join the New Formation “because its surely something I don’t understand and I’m not party to it.” He said it’s possible his radio and TV analysis during talk shows could easily cause some people to misunderstand him. “I only said there is no fault in Gen Muntu saying guys I can’t continue staying in this marriage because the differences are too much and the relationship has irretrievably broken down.

Patrick Wakida has always been very close to Winnie Byanyima

That is perfect and I defended his right to act the way he did. It’s good and the best thing for the country instead of hanging in there and expending useful energy fighting with colleagues. When you stay in a marriage you have concluded has developed irreconcilable difference, you move on because you hurt the children if you trying forcing yourself to remain there,” he said. “My party isn’t perfect and I definitely have issues with some of my leaders, the way they make decisions and as long as they continue to do things which annoy, I will criticize them because I want my party to remain good. That doesn’t mean I’m not FDC or that I’m part of New Formation.” He said FDC is a formidable political organization whose founding principles he still believes in. He said it would be erroneous for anybody to rushedly join a new political organization simply because he or she knows its founding leader without properly understanding what the new party is all about. Saying he is busy with many things including travelling to the UK for his post-doctoral training, Wakida said he hasn’t adequately acquainted himself with the latest from Gen Muntu who promised to the country he would unveil some powerful political formation before Christmas time. “I wish them every luck but to be frank with you, I’m not part of whatever they are doing,” said Wakida adding he hasn’t even been contracted to do any professional work for the process leading to New Formation’s unveiling. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.



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