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Tamale Mirundi, who as Presidential Press Secretary closely worked with Afande Edith Nakalema (M7’s new anti-corruption Tsar), predictably says that whereas she fully knows who the real guys involved in grand corruption are, she is sympathetic and won’t catch any of them. Speaking on NBS TV This Tuesday morning, Mirundi said that Afande Nakalema (who has so far made news raiding Wakiso land office and Bunyoro region to tackle security operatives involved in land evictions) “will end up chasing after small thieves without ever doing anything to the real big guys whose grand corruption is well known to people in her [State House] unit.” He said in Luganda “era nga bulijjo n’ebyo nabyo bijja kugweraawo” which means the Nakalema exercise will end in utter failure like all the other Ugandan much publicized processes. While giving his insight on the President’s New Year’s address in which he repeated his threat to use Nakalema to identify and decisively crush the corrupt, Mirundi said all these efforts are nothing but deliberate PR exercise meant to cleanse the President ahead of 2021 general elections. As he finished the day’s show, Mirundi said he had said all these things consciously and doesn’t expect any government official to ring cautioning him against stigmatizing Nakalema  saying “me I’m a self-made man and I will abuse and tell off whoever dares calling over what I have said on today’s program.”


On the same program Mirundi urged Bobi Wine not to be surprised with the state economic harassment he has endured in the last few days as his freedom to stage concerts has been constrained. Mirundi says there is nothing new because even he himself has had to be targeted for economic crippling at some point. “If they can do such to Nyakana who is their chairman for Kampala and his wife Sarah Kizito, then what of Bobi Wine a clear opponent?” He said Mr. Wine should concentrate on growing his support base so that in future his determined supporters can make it risky for the State to treat him badly and trample on his rights. He said this is the reason Raila Odinga is a big factor in Kenya and Uhuru Kenyatta can’t ignore him. “Raila Odinga has his diehard Luos and will put his 3m supporters on the street but where are the guys who can equally risk to go on the streets for Bobi? There aren’t there because these are poor people financially struggling in the informal sector and that’s what my brother Kyarenga must address,” Mirundi concluded.



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