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Bad Black has apologized to President Museveni for the last September video she recorded insulting him while protesting Bobi Wine’s detention after the Arua fracas. In a recorded message, Ms Black says Museveni should forgive her because he is a parental old man. She says she took alcohol and became intoxicated at the time she made the anti-Museveni video. “I was broke and was lured by money. Someone approached me in Dubai and paid me $20,000 (Shs74m) to record that message defending Bobi Wine but the truth is I’m not in People Power. I’m NRM and now back to my party. It was very little money and they even haven’t paid my balance,” she says in the video begging security not to bother arresting her for her anti-Museveni video. She said she was also pushed by idleness and group influence otherwise she knows Bobi Wine is too young and too broke to rule Uganda. “The people are poor and himself is very poor. Let them leave our Museveni who allows us to bring in $1m. Let him go and rule Kenya and get Kenyatta’s chair but not Museveni,” Black says adding that Kyagulanyi’s crowd is full of drug addicts who shouldn’t be allowed to disturb Museveni. She says she won’t allow intimidation by Bobi’s supporters on social media whom she advises to sue her in court if they are offended by her support for Museveni. Ms Black says she will be hiring a lawyer to help her out in case of any attack by Mr. Wine’s supporters. “I’m a city born who was raised in Kawempe here…So they won’t intimidate me and manage because I’m not a politician. I’m an ex-convict on matters unrelated to politics,” Ms Black says in what clearly appears a very uncoordinated message. “I don’t know Bobi Wine that much. I don’t even hate him. I can do without him and I advise him to go and rule Kenya,” says Black adding she doesn’t want to be mingled with Bobi’s politics lest she is denied visa. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.



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