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By Mulengera Reporters

Ps Joseph Sserwadda of Victory Christian Center in Ndeeba has been at the forefront of attacking Bobi Wine for his Engule song lyrics. But the latest info shows things are not good for him either. Ethics Minister Fr Simon Lokodo says he wants him arrested for impersonating him. Lokodo says Sserwadda has been moving with government documents purpoting to be authorised to register churches and pastors in the whole country on his behalf. “But I have never authorised him to represent me. He is an impostor and I’m going to ensure police takes up that matter. He will have to explain. I hope that is not why he isn’t here today,” Lokodo said during a meeting with Born Again Pastors who he met to discuss the latest govt policy proposals to have all churches register and have pastors have a diploma in theology. Sserwadda who has always wanted to be the President of all Born Again pastors saw this as an opportunity to fulfill his dream but Lokodo now says the man has been excited for nothing.
Meanwhile Pastor Solomon Male has defended Bobi Wine and dismissed Sserwadda and Ps Martin Ssempa as hypocrites. He wonders why they are quick to bash Bobi for his Engule lyrics yet they are always quiet when President Museveni says things that belittle the scriptures in the Bible. “What’s more damaging to Christianity Bobi’s song or someone criticizing Biblical scriptures?” he wondered. He dismissed Ps Wilson Bugembe (who recently apologized for featuring in Engule video) as a “foolish man” who should not waste anybody’s time because he is an opportunist without any principles. He said the Engule song doesn’t belong to Pentecostal Churches because they too just translated Isaac Watts’ “We shall wear the crown” song lyrics. “But besides that my son Bobi Wine is a Christian who is free to use music to promote Christian values just like Isaac Watts did in November 1748 long before even Pentecostalism began in Uganda in 1903,” Male siad in a media interview. He said like Isaac Watts, Bobi Wine is for reformist music approach which uses music to expose the excesses of the status quo and generally people in authority. For comments, call, text or WHATSAPP us on 0703164755.



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