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In what MP Kaps Fungaroo (who is the biggest FDC man in Moyo district) won’t like, President Museveni has intensified grass root political mobilization of Moyo district. Through the OWC network, the Museveni government a few days ago delivered thousands of kuroiler chicken to low income groups in Moyo Sub County. To receive the kuroilers were Moyo local government leaders including LC5 Chairman Williams Anyama represented by district Councilor Martina Azireo. Other local leaders present were District Veterinary Officer Dr. Richard Akule, Moyo Sub County LC3 Chairperson Buni and OWC coordinators Lt. Col. Tali and Maj. Asiga. Aimed at boosting local people’s income generation efforts, the over 5,000 kuroilers were delivered by Dr. Charles Lagul the ED NAGRIC (National Animal Genetic Resources Center & Data Bank). Located in Entebbe, NAGRC is charged with spearheading all GoU livestock-related interventions including cattle, goats, piggery, poultry and others. Lagul told the excited Moyo recipients that as NAGRC, they delivered these kuroilers birds in partnership with OWC in fulfillment of a directive by President Museveni who continues using such interventions as part of broader efforts to realize his dream of ensuring each family creates wealth to the tune of earning Shs20m per month. The kuroilers given to Moyo farmers were 1 month old and Dr. Lagul explained that with brooded kuroilers, farmers stand higher chances of financially succeeding because they mature faster beginning to lay eggs in 4.5months unlike the indigenous chicks which take 8-10 months. Dr. Lagul says brooded kuroilers also yield higher productivity levels than the indigenous chicken meaning they boost the President’s gospel of faster transformation from subsistence to commercial farming. “The Kuroiler chickens are scavenging birds just like the rest of the indigenous breeds and are well adapted to fit within the farming systems in Uganda,” Dr. Lagul explained to the Moyo community during the kuroiler distribution exercise which took place at Ramogi Parish, Moyo Sub County Moyo district. The beneficiary groups, which Lagul says will be expanded to cover larger numbers, comprised of mostly women and youths. Priority went to households headed by youths and women. “This is just the beginning. We shall be giving many more farmer groups to support implementation of the President’s initiative,” Lagul said.  “The Kuroiler chickens serve dual purposes for egg laying and chicken meat production attaining productivity status in just 4.5 months.” Created by an Act of Parliament, NAGRC which is part of MAAIF is charged with spearheading comprehensive animal breeding programs to uplift Ugandan livestock farmers. Its mandate is twofold namely development and commercialization of animal breeding activities.



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