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Police officers that were involved in the operation that stopped Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga Extra Concert at his One Love Beach Busabala and left his car smashed in attempt to arrest him are in trouble after the IGP has ordered for their prosecution.

IGP Martins Okoth Ochola whom many expected to deploy different methods of operation from those of his predecessor, ordered for prosecution of the errant officers especially those who were involved in smashing Bobi Wine’s car along Busabala road on Easter Monday.

On Easter Monday, Police officers in an attempt to arrest Bobi Wine on his way to Busabala where he was to entertain his fans, smashed his car rear windscreen and pepper-sprayed him direct into the face forcing him like a rat out of the hole.

After arresting Bobi Wine, he was driven back home in Magere by police officers saying that they had orders to handle him the way he deserved as long as he failed to comply with their orders.

This attracted the attention of President Museveni who has for decades accused of giving unlawful orders to police to manhandle his opponents and condemned it saying that: “I also disapprove the method the Police used to break Bobi Wine’s car lass because they handled it unprofessionally. They should have towed the vehicle to wherever they wanted him to be.”

President Museveni’s concern on police working methods left Ochola who risks losing his job in case the big man decides otherwise with no option other than ordering PSU to investigate and charge officers involved.

Ochola’s order has been recived and is being implemented by Professional Standard Unit of the Police that have started by reviewing video clips captured during the event.

According to the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga the police officers will be charged for using excessive use of force before the disciplinary court.

A police officer found guilty of this offence faces dismissal from the force, demotion of a rank, or any severe punishment according to section 44(1) Code 12 of the Police Act.  Enanga however, disclosed that the trial of the police officers by the disciplinary unit has been sparked by the president’s directive who is the commander in chief. “We can’t ignore the President’s directive because he is the commander in chief of the armed forces,” Enanga said while commenting on trial police officers.

Smashing Politicians’ vehicles has not started with Ochola but its one of the things the politicians had expected Ochola to end when he assumed the IGP’s office. During the walk to work protests in 2012, a hammer was used by a police officer identified as Arinaitwe bwana to smash Dr. Besigye’s V8 Prado near Mulago round about and sprayed him with pepper that left him half blind.

Last week, FDC officials’ vehicles were damaged by police APCs in Kasese and Mubende in an attempt to stop and arrest FDC leaders who are moving in different parts of the country for mobilization tours.



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