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By John V Sserwaniko

Matia Kasaija’s opening remark was a quotation from an old Kinyoro saying which he loosely translated to mean “scratch my back and I also scratch yours.” The Finance Minister was addressing a large crowd Wednesday that converged at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds to participate in the three-day Service Excellence Exhibition at which all government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) are required to demonstrate to the public their service delivery-related accomplishments of the previous Financial Year.   


Kasaija said having diligently paid their taxes, the public was now being given an opportunity to interface with agency heads to understand what their money (Shs32trn in last FY’s case) has been expended on. Indeed, each MDA had representatives in the well set up tents who were at hand to answer all questions raised by members of the public in the small group sessions.

Rugunda gets to understand more

Rugunda and the Ministers inspect the CSO stalls led by major budgeting process partner CSBAG

Let me tell you Hon Bahati its true those opposition guys are planning to boo Mzee during state of nation address but we are ready for them

PSFU’s Gideon Bagadawa represented the private sector

Minister Anite leads the cheering at Kololo

Minister Anite leads the cheering at Kololo

“The public has been scratching your back by loyally paying their taxes throughout the budget year and now is your turn to scratch them back by accounting for the money,” Kasaija said while emphasis the Kinyoro saying he referred to at the beginning.

He commended the MDAs that gave back to the public by offering free services examples being NMS (which offered free yellow fever vaccination) and generally the health sector many of whose regional referral hospitals set up tents and offered medical services ranging from general medical check ups to specific health conditions like sickle cell and other NCDs.

 URA equally gave out a range of services that members of the public would ordinarily have struggled more to access. Mulago the National Referral Hospital equally did the same just like many others. Kasaija referred to all these and said this correctly describes the Kinyoro saying he referred to as the inception of his address.

Wednesday was chosen for the grand opening ceremony simply because the original day Tuesday coincided with Idi Mubarak. Notwithstanding the late Monday evening announcements postponing to Wednesday, Ugandans in their 100s still converged at Kololo the major attraction being the free yellow fever vaccination services the MoH started offering through National Medical Stores (NMS). Indeed, the larger part of the crowd Kasaija was addressing had arrived very early just to book their slots for attention in the vaccination pavilion NMS set up inside Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

The Wednesday very glamorous event began as early as 7am with white Tshirts-donning MDA staffers cheerfully assembling at Constitutional Square along Kampala Road from where a long procession set off heading to Kololo. Army, prisons and police bands played very nice music as the groups matched.


Minister Anite shows PM Rugunda how they do it at Finance

Kenneth Mugambe (Director Budgeting) chats with his boss Matia Kasaijja

Ministers Evelyne Anite & David Bahati crack jokes at Kololo

Mugambe explains the fruitful relationship between his Finance Ministry and CSOs uniting under CSBAG

Philemon Mateke with his good friend

There was plenty of media coverage


To their credit, the organizers got young nice-looking corporate ladies to lead the procession riding in one of Kira EV cars which ensured the slow-paced procession grabbed the attention of curious onlookers wherever it passed. There is generally a belief that Ugandans have become hopeless (bakoowu) and very apathetic about their country but the sight of the black Kira EV brought out the best is especially Boda-riders who gathered on their stages to cheer the young ladies that surrounded the car. Some took photos of the car with one man (at the Posta zebra crossing) euphorically declaring “finally our country is making history.” He tried taking selfies around it but the procession wasn’t slow enough for him to take the most perfect shots as he evidently desired.

At the center of the procession, immediately walking behind the Kira EV, were a number of MDA heads and accounting officers including URA’s Doris Akol, EC Secretary Sam Rwakojo and Ag PSST Patrick Ochailap. Matia Kasaija, who flagged off the match and briefly rushed to office, rejoined them later at Kololo where he was flamboyantly received his junior Ministers (Evelyne Anite, David Bahati & Haruna Kasolo) who arrived earlier to wait for him.

Inside the huge white tent, where Director Budgeting Kenneth Mugambe led other technocrats to receive VIP guests, nice music played as the waiting guests chatted and networked. For some like EC’s Rwakojo, the waiting period was an opportunity to address reporters stressing the electoral body’s readiness to roll out the 2021 election roadmap.

When you hear via phone that even your long term campaign manager has defected to your opponent’s camp

This specific call must have greatly disturbed Minister Haruna Kasolo who continues to be at war with his district chairman Kintu Kisekulo

This Kira EV was a major attraction throughout the day

Kasaija and his juniors prepare to receive Prime Minister Rugunda at Kololo

The baloons Kasaija released in the air to symbolize the commencement of the three day Service Excellence Exhibition


Once everyone had arrived, including Premier Rugunda, Mugambe (who was aided by day’s MC Jim Mugunga) announced it was time for the panel discussion and called on the day’s speakers to take up seats on the specially raised platform. “This is clear proof that once money is released for an activity and its not diverted or stolen, you can always have a perfect event,” a journalist marveled

 in reference to the precision with which the Kololo event was organized. PSFU boss Gideon Bagadawa agreed calling it a “very marvelous event” in his speech.

Sam Rwakojo whose EC is getting Shs200bn in FY2019-20 budget explains their readiness to deliver credible elections in 2021

Rugunda reciprocated the warm reception by showing some swag

The Delta TV journalist is always keen when it comes to covering the Finance sector

Proof that Minister Anite had good time at Kololo

Premier Rugunda joins in the pomp


The speakers Mugambe called upon included Rugunda, Kasaija, Akol, CSBAG’s Julius Makunda and PSFU’s Gideon Bagadawa who respectively represented CSOs and private sector views. Rugunda commended Kasaija and his team for insisting on such accountability and transparency-enhancing public events adding it was no longer possible to exclude citizens from budgeting processes. He was specifically excited to learn that organizers responded to public demand and expanded the event to a full Budget Month as opposed to last year when it was held merely as a Budget Week. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at



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