Fishermen at Katosi Landing Site in Mukono district have resorted to open defecation due to lack of functional latrine facilities. Hundreds of Rwandans fishermen involved in catching silver fish are settled in Kizaalabuganda ward.  However, the community has only one latrine which filled up several months ago and has never been emptied. As a result, the Rwandan fishermen have no option but to defecate in the open while others defecate directly in the lake.   Devis Ssegirinya, the area Local Council One Chairperson, says there are more than 300 Rwandan fishermen in the area.

He is explains that the old latrine sits in private land, which has made it difficult to construct a new one without the consent of the landlord. Ibrahim Lumanyika, the Katosi Youth Chairperson, says they advised the Rwandans to stop using this community latrine about four months ago. He explains that apart from getting used up, the old latrine developed some cracks. Deo Biringiro, one of the Rwandans says they currently move to the nearby wards to ease themselves. He appeals to the authorities to construct for them a new latrine to improve sanitation in the community.   Paulo Niragire, the Chairperson of Rwandans at Katosi Landing Site, says they reported the matter to the authorities that even solicited some money from them as a contribution towards the construction of a new one, which has delayed. He says they have advised their colleagues to use the latrines next to their community, a claim Lumanyika dismisses. The landing site was elevated to a Town Council two years. However, it is yet to start receiving funding from government. For comments, call or text us on 0704142939.



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