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A few days ago, Mulengera news carried a special 2021 election report on Sembabule in which Minister Joy Kabatsi was quoted vowing to unseat former political ally Theodore Sekikubo from the Rwemiyaga County MP Seat. She accused him of stabbing the President in the back yet the man from Rwakitura has always been very magnanimous to him. Kabatsi said she was duty-bound to shield the President by ousting Sekikubo because (in her own words) more than 95% of Rwemiyaga residents are NRM diehards. Yet Kabatsi isn’t the only threat facing Sekikubo who is pondering relocating to Makindye Ssaabagabo Municipality. Outgoing Sembabule LC5 Chairman Dr. Elly Muhumuza is also eyeing Rwemiyaga and is counting on the large migrant population there to get him through. Kabatsi and Muhumuza are already known rivals having previously belonged to rival Sembabule camps.

Patrick Kateba the NIRA boss wanting Sekikubo’s Rwemiyaga MP seat

This makes their race as polarizing as those fought by Sekikubo who they want to replace. This has made residents equally apprehensive towards both, a thing that has created vacuum for youthful Patrick Kateba to plunge in. A deputy finance Director with NIRA headquarters at Kololo, Kateba is already in the trenches working day and night to ensure that he becomes the next Rwemiyaga MP since voters perceive Kabatsi and Muhumuza as already eating given the political public offices they respectively occupy. Besides working for NIRA, Kateba chairs something called “Rwemiyaga Reunion Association” which seeks to heal old rifts in the constituency since the days of Sam Rwakojo. Led by Colleb Mwebaze, a former Sekikubo diehard, voters say in Kateba they have got a true savior and unifier. The NIRA finance boss is regularly moving around the constituency extending philanthropy to especially communities that have been suffering from hunger resulting from controversial land evictions. Today Thursday, he was in Mpumudde where people live in camps after being evicted from their land for now two years yet Sekikubo hasn’t done much to help them overcome a local politician who recently bought up to 300 acres making more people homeless. They say the court case Sekikubo told them about doesn’t seem to deliver any remedies yet their lives continue to be devastated by the extreme destitution under which they are living. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.




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