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By Mulengera Reporters

In a social media posting, DP youth leader Christopher Okidi said Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze had no moral authority to complain about the accelerated manner in which DP boss Norbert Mao elevated new defector Jose Chameleon the national mobilizer for the party. Nambooze had argued that one ought to have had many years of active membership before getting elevated to such a national position.

Responding immediately, Okidi said she had no moral authority because even her entry into DP’s NEC was equally a rushed affair after Sebaana Kizito helped her out of prison troubles and recruited her in the 65-year-old party.

Okidi went as far as claiming Nambooze had solicited a bribe as an employee of Mukono town council which landed her into big trouble from which Sebaana rescued her. That she was convicted in the Magistrates Court only for Sebaana to get her lawyers who successfully appealed her conviction.

He also said as someone who led other Museveni diehard supporters to urinate in food that had been prepared for the guests coming to 1996 presidential candidate PK Semogerere’s Mukono rally, Nambooze was the least qualified to question the fact that Chameleon previously was part of the Tubonga nawe group that campaigned for President Museveni’s reelection.

In her brief response Nambooze dismisses Okidi as too young to understand the dangers of being unleashed to propagate politics of chemical against her. She adds its such politics of hatred and character-assassination that has caused DP to stagnate. In fact, she says an entire generation of DP politicians has been lost to this sort of thing.

She invites Okidi to her home in Mukono to have a full day lecture just to deepen his understanding of who she is. As if to show everything stated in the Okidi missive was nothing but malicious falsehood, Nambooze also disputes the circumstances Okidi said led to her enrollment at UMU Nkozi University for a degree in governance.  For stating that most of her criticisms against Mao are communicated in her native language Luganda, Nambooze dismisses Okidi for being tribalistic and says the angry reactions he received were therefore warranted and justified. She urges Okidi to understand the importance of diversity in any political party. Nambooze also peripherally refers to her stint as a scribe with DP-owned Munansi newspaper whose editor Lawrence Kiwanuka Semagulu she refers to as well.

She also refutes bribery claims saying that Bakaluba Mukasa (unveiled on same day with Chameleon at Nsambya), who was understood to be behind it all, is available for corroboration and has since apologized to her. Enumerating her lawyers to have included Erias Lukwago, Medard Segona & Caleb Alaka, Nambooze says she has forgiven Okidi because he is a victim and not a villain in the chemical politics which she says had mired DP.





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