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By Mulengera Reporters

Faridah Nambi, a daughter to Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo, has plunged into politics having tried her hand on many other things and failing to make it big. She was originally into fashion and TV talk-show hosting but never made the money she desired. She instead ended up in perpetual indebtedness that saw many creditors dragging her to court.

Faridah Nambi’s early campaign poster teasing Kampala voters

Politically, Faridah who grew up in Kampala has focused her eyes on the Kampala woman MP Seat currently held by Nabillah Nagayi, a cracking politician from Bushenyi. She is already out in the field intensifying mobilization through sporting tournaments which are getting generous publicity on Buganda Kingdom-owned CBS radio some of whose managers her supporters claim have enthusiastically responded to her bid for the Seat.

She has also found favor with some of the regular callers who contribute views into radio political talk shows on the weekends and evenings. Many of them have lately been calling in to bash Nabillah and urging Kampalans to consider Nambi as their next woman MP. It’s not readily clear which party she will be vying on. But being the strategic lady she has always been, Nambi might consider vying as an independent candidate to avoid carrying the NRM cross while facing hostile Kampalans whose contempt for the ruling party is well known.

Faridah Nambi (M) supports sports activities of boxing

Sources close to her say Divisions like Rubaga have been mapped out as very critical for building her initial political capital and indeed her sporting tournaments have started in Rubaga where hundreds of young men and women continue to enthusiastically participate. Sources say she is using these outreach programs to test her popularity ahead of her decision on which political formation platform to campaign.

The others so far believed to have their eyes on the same seat include Aidah Nakuya, Shifrah Lukwago (some say she is also considering Kawempe Mayorship), Deputy Mayor Sarah Kanyike, the long-serving incumbent Nabillah Nagayi and Dr. Stella Nyanzi who is widely believed to stand the highest chance at taking the Seat.

There is also loud-talking Full Figure of the People Power Movement and that notwithstanding, the opposition forces seem to be unanimous on Stella Nyanzi who they consider to have suffered much and therefore qualifies to be consoled with the position on top of the fact that she a high-commitment figure and sufficiently intellectual for the position. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at    




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