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By Mulengera Reporters

DP has rejected claims that by embracing Joseph Chameleon, the party has betrayed Latif Sebaggala who had expressed interest in Kampala Mayorship earlier. Youth leader Moses Bigirwa, who is one of the renowned DP publicists, says Latif Sebaggala left and denounced DP on the eve of the 2016 elections and used this to justify his decision to seek Kawempe North MP reelection on the independent ticket under Erias Lukwago’s TJ Platform.

Latif hopes to use such photo moments to portray himself as a reliable fighter of people’s freedoms while forging partnerships beyond the DP

“We don’t count him to be DP anymore because he denounced the party and left in 2016. He has never renewed his membership and the only advice I can give him is to emulate Chameleon by buying fresh membership card and rejoin DP afresh,” Bigirwa said Saturday morning while appearing on Top Radio’s political program.

He advised Latif to subject himself to some political ritual cleansing starting from his own locality in Kawempe before considering blackmailing DP national leaders to back him for Mayorship. Unfortunately for Latif even the Kawempe North MP seat is already gone because Suleiman Kidandala, whom he previously defeated, has already been perceived by voters as someone the incumbent endorsed as his successor.

Moses Bigirwa says Latif Sebaggala must seek fresh admission into DP membership before seeking the party’s backing for K’la Mayorship

This was at Kawempe Division offices where Latif was heckled and booed by a crowd to the point of denouncing interest in seeking reelection. It was at that meeting, convened to swear in new LC1 chairpersons, that Latif first announced his Mayoral bid and backed Kidandala.

Now that Latif, who was recently shunned during a luncheon at Prince Nakibinge’s Kibuli home in favor of Hajjat Sarah Kanyike who represented Erias Lukwago, can clearly not win Mayorship, things are going to be pretty complicated for him because he can’t retain Kawempe either.

Latif Sebaggala wants Mayorship which his brother Seya previously held

But his elder brother Seya Nasser Sebaggala (now of NRM) says Latif can do without DP, a party he says isn’t a major factor in the politics of Uganda anymore. “He [Latif] will be Mayor whether they like it or not because we have been preparing him for that for now 20 years,” Sebaggala told Mulengera News while giving his views why Chameleon can’t be celebrated as a big fish in DP. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at  



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