By Mulengera Reporters
Some of the residents in the Kitende neighborhood have opened a war on St. Mary’s Kitende proprietor Dr. Lawrence Mulindwa accusing him of being indifferent towards their plight as he goes about expanding his school empire. The residents’ anger relates to Dr. Mulindwa’s decision to close one of the major community roads which they have been using for a very long time way before even renowned sports enthusiast opened his school in their area. The residents say the alternative road Mulindwa says he built for them is an inconvenience as it’s very far and in a location they consider to be inadequately secure. The angry residents went as far as dragging Mulindwa to court saying they wouldn’t allow him to step on them and get away with it. They also insisted they want court to compel Mulindwa to carry out his school business in a manner that respects corporate governance principles whereby it shouldn’t be about just making money but sustainability of the other community members around whom the school is located. Some have since likened Mulindwa to outgoing KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi who emphasized city development at the expense of respecting other human interests and values of the city dwellers. Even after losing the anti-Mulindwa case in Kanjansi Magistrates Court whose Agnes Nabafu dismissed it and asked them to pay Mulindwa costs, the low income-earning community members have vowed to fight on. Alexandria Namaganda, one of the aggrieved residents, says they are determined to appeal to courts of higher jurisdiction to have Nabafu’s anamalous judgment over turned and vacated. They had wanted a court order injuncting civil works around Mulindwa’s school until the main suit is disposed of. Nabafu rejected all this and dismissed the case on mere technicalities contrary to what the Constitution provides in Article 126(e). Other aggrieved residents like Bashir Kayondo and Suleiman Bugembe support Namaganda’s view that they must fight on by lodging an appeal challenging Nabafu’s decision which they say was erroneous and sought to hide behind technicalities to enable Mulindwa to get away with indifference and his insensitive acts. Nabafu argued that by suing Mulindwa, the aggrieved Kitende residents had no locus because they sued a wrong party as in law, there is a difference between a company and it’s incorporators because the law treats the two to be two distinct persons. This hostility of the community where the school is located is naturally not good news as it could in the long term hurt Mulindwa’s prospects as a businessman. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.



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