Rev Fr Dennis Sebugwawo Mayanja, a politically very outspoken Catholic cleric based at Kitovu Cathedral in Masaka, has said he is ready to take a bullet in defense of People Power and Bobi Wine’s right to become President of this country. The veteran priest, who actively sympathized with Museveni’s NRA rebels back in the early 1980s, now says People Power is the only solution for Uganda’s genuine liberation. He has gone as far as writing a book (in pamphlet form) trying to conceptualize what People Power should ideally represent. He says the book is his voluntary contribution to the struggle for a better Uganda and can be used as one of the instruction materials as People Power mobilizers go about political sensitization of the masses. The elderly priest, who on Sunday extensively spoke to Buganda Kingdom’s BBS Terefayina’s Agesigika news bulletin, says that writing the book is the least he can do for the struggle for a better Uganda. He says he knows the risks associated with his outspokenness against government adding that he is ready to lay down his life if that is what must happen for the posterity to live in a better country. He says what is happening today in Uganda is similar to the injustices the Old Testament prophets (like King Ahab) condemned the political kings of those days for. He says he is disappointed his fellow clerics, whose calling comprises of many obligations including condemning political injustices, have been compromised by material things like envelopes, jobs and vehicles offered by the State. Quoting from the book of Jeremiah, Rev Fr Mayanja said: “God has sent me to tell His people His message and I have to do as instructed otherwise it won’t make any sense wearing this collar and yet I can’t speak against injustice.” On the possibility of being killed, Mayanja says “who is me to fear dying for the truth if even our Lord Jesus Christ laid down his life for the truth?” He says he has never had audience with Bobi Wine and clarifies he doesn’t have to first meet the Kyaddondo East MP for him to recognize the truth and proclaim it. Fr. Mayanja, who initially was a diehard Museveni supporter, has lately been very vehement in condemning what he says are the blatant injustices of the NRM.  For comments, call or text us on 0752510225.   



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