By Mulengera Reporters
Family sources have revealed how perceived mistreatment and exclusion from the husband’s estate prompted Mohammed Kirumira’s widow to run away from home. As reported a few days ago, Mariam Kirumira left the Bulenga home on Tuesday with all household items and children. This was after her father in law tried to unsuccessfully resist her departure. Now reliable family sources tell us that the father in law made life extremely hard for the young widow. That despite having four orphans to look after, the father in law repeatedly treated her with contempt and insisted she was a widow of equal status with other women in whom Kirumira sired children. She was also uncomfortable with the pride with which Kirumira’s father spoke each time he referred to Kirumira’s other children and concubines. This often made her feel humiliated and unwanted in the home even when the Bulenga marital house was joint property to which she contributed money. Sources close to her say Mariam was unhappy since Kirumira’s death, the family wasn’t materially looking after her. And each time she protested the father in law would tell her “your husband was a poor man who didn’t live anything and besides there are many orphans to look after using the condolence money.” Kirumira left rentals in Bulenga which was joint property with her but Mariam has been disturbed that the father in law hasn’t been declaring any collected rent to her yet she was also totally excluded from the condolence money. On Friday 19th October, Kirumira’s father called a family meeting and announced there was nothing to inherit since the late left nothing beyond his old clothes and police uniform. Mariam was advised to look for people to buy those old clothes and get some money to feed the four orphans. This infuriated her like never before and became the final blow that broke the camel’s back. It was time to move on and indeed on the Tuesday after the funeral rites at Mpambire she brought in a Fuso Truck and left the Bulenga home (for unknown destination) as the father in-law (Mzee Kawooya) helplessly looked on. Mariam was also uncomfortable with Mzee Kawooya’s standing invitation to all women with Kirumira’s children to bring them. Kawooya says indeed he is the owner of the houses and rentals believed to be Kirumira’s because it’s all his land. He says Mariam is entitled to rent for one muzigo and not all. He says the order to sell off Kirumira’s clothes is a well renowned practice in Islamic faith since the children are too young to wear them. He says as far as he is concerned Mariam left because of the threats they are all getting on their phones adding that “even myself would leave if I had where to go.”



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