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By Mulengera Reporters

It’s no longer a secret that IGG Irene Mulyagonja’s contract is ending July next year meaning she has less than one year to go. And gratefully Mulyagonja appears emotionally prepared for life after and, in a country where people want to die in positions, that’s remarkable. It’s indeed kudos to her.

In this brief story Mulengera News reflects on the apparent steps the graceful Mulyagonja has taken or continues to take to prepare for life after IPS Building.

This huge office complex could be part of Mulyagonja’s legacy at the IG

Firstly, she has where to return to and that’s the Judiciary where he excellently served as a High Court Judge producing some of the very brilliant judgments. She hasn’t been pretentious about her desire and readiness to return to the bench which gratefully is what her equally prayerful predecessor Faith Mwondha (now a Supreme Court Justice) did.

Lady Irene Mulyagonja, who previously tried becoming DCJ but the thing finally was bagged by Alfonse Owiny Dollo, recently applied and got shortlisted for the post of Court of Appeal Justice.

She is one of the many applicants whose names were recently sent by the Judicial Service Commission to the President. Others are High Court judges. Chances are high she will get appointed to the CoA which JSC recently proposed to expand to 21 Justices from the current 15.

The idea is to diminish case backlog and to an extent pragmatically create employment opportunities for senior lawyers some of whom are struggling to the extent of failing to pay rent for their law firm offices.

Reliable State House sources say this proposal to numerically enlarge both CoA and Supreme Court is already on the big man’s table yet to undergo serious consideration.

Irene Mulyagonja’s daughter Liz who is involved in NGO-related charity work to empower would-be vulnerable persons

Mulyagonja has also teamed up with like-minded Ugandans to found what is anticipated to become the largest and most outspoken NGO in the area of doing advocacy around the issue of mental health and patient rights. One of her daughter’s is thickly involved in this endeavor.

Ex-UHRC boss Margaret Sekagya took the same path and her NGO is currently one of the wealthiest and most respected. Sekagya closely works with Commissioner Aliro Omara.

The other option for Mulyagonja is to get herself a powerful University and lecture. It’s an area she can excel in because she is very intellectual and would be returning to academia with an enriched resume leveraging on both the bench and the 8 year stint as an IGG who, despite the President’s public rebuke and admonishment, has done way better than any of her predecessors in the history of the IG.

Mulyagonja attending a recent government awards-giving function to which she was accompanied by IG Secretary/PS Rose Kafeero

She has brought clout, brains, swag and even raised the profile of the institution. Indeed, the Lady from Busoga has set a high standard against which future IGGs will be measured.

Even in economic terms, Mulyagonja isn’t poor. Neither she ever become a pauper even if she just went home.

She has nice houses in Kampala including a swanky residential apartment she is completing in the Namugongo neighborhood. Some time back, she even took a one-year advance of her pension entitlement to fast-track this construction project.

Mulyagonja (in whose interest Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu recently sentenced 38-year-old Enock Bakaki Mwebe to 18 months jail term for threatening to kill her/IGG) also recently upgraded her convoy in case any of the haters plans to harm her.

Sources say that to boost her security and ensure nothing wrong happens to her, a bullet proof Principal vehicle was added to the convoy causing her former official car to be returned to the IG vehicle pool. Her escort entourage now has escort vans in front and at the rear.  (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at



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