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By Mulengera Reporters

The assignment related to Shs23bn President Museveni had directed the Finance Ministry to urgently avail to the Judiciary leadership.

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe (L) made follow up call and spoke to the President not knowing his efforts amounted to complicating things for Finance Minister Matia Kasaija

As political head, Matia Kasaijja was the man Museveni tasked to personally supervise and ensure the President’s directive is expeditiously operationalized. This was in a meeting at State House.

In attendance was Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, Museveni, Chief Justice Bart Katurebe, AG William Byaruhanga and Matia Kasaijja himself. The Finance Minister assured the President, in the hearing of everybody, the treasury which he supervises wasn’t that badly off meaning the Shs23bn would be found to facilitate work and critical operations of the Judiciary as another arm of government.

Appointed time came and Kasaijja didn’t deliver as expeditiously as was agreed. Worse still the figure his Ministry eventually delivered was less than was agreed and promised during the State House meeting.

Instead of the Shs23bn as agreed, the Judiciary was availed only Shs13bn which was less by Shs10bn. As Judiciary head, Katurebe furiously rang Museveni saying his man Kasaijja hadn’t kept his word. Knowledgeable sources say the man from Rwakitura sensed the dismay with which Katurebe spoke and felt he was morally justified to protest this inconsistency by Kasaijja.

Now one thing has to be clarified; less money was availed not because people at Kasaijja’s Ministry ate even a penny and short-changed Katurebe. No. They just didn’t have enough and Katurebe felt then Kasaijja shouldn’t have lied the President giving the false impression that money would be found.

Museveni on hearing from Katurebe apologized and asked for time to act. He assured him it was not going to be business as usual meaning Kasaijja wouldn’t escape sanctioning. Museveni rang Byaruhanga and Rugunda and asked them to find out from Finance what exactly happened.

Chief Justice Bart Katureeme seen here (L) in this recent photo with his right hand man Paul Gadenya who is now a Judge of the High Court

Specifically Byaruhanga had to report back to the President at the subsequent Cabinet meeting. On being spoken to by Byaruhanga how deeply the boss was saddened and angered by the Finance Ministry’s floppiness, Kasaijja started shivering and begged Byaruhanga to spare him by not reporting to the President who, because of too much work, was expected to gradually forget about this and thereby enabling Kasaijja to get away with it.

Knowledgeable sources say on the Monday Byaruhanga was expected to report back, a nervous-looking Kasaijja came very early to the venue and even booked a place for Byaruhanga. “He told him my brother my future in this cabinet is now in your hands. Whatever you choose to do is how I will end my tenure as cabinet Minister,” says a source.

“He kept glancing at him through the cabinet meeting and ceaselessly pleading kindly don’t raise that matter to the H.E.” Sources say Kasaijja always likes running after the President after cabinet sessions to confide in him something but on this occasion, he was too terrified to do so. “Seemingly thinking if he sees me, he will remember the assignment and ask Byaruhanga for an update, cold-footed Kasaijja remained seated and never left his chair until everybody else had left the cabinet meeting room.”

Sources say Kasaijja has since become very grateful to Byaruhanga for saving him by seemingly not being in a hurry to remind the H.E. about Katurebe’s anger and disappointment at being lied to. Survived he may but knowledgeable sources say Kasaijja (who hasn’t excellently executed many other Presidential assignments) will need divine intervention to keep his post as Finance Minister should Museveni finally make up his mind and proclaim a cabinet reshuffle.

Some sources say the big man might keep everybody in their positions to avoid destabilizing his already over-bashed cabinet on the eve of the major election that 2021 is threatening to be.  (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at



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