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Youthful Daniel Mutebi, a DP activist tortured Yusuf Kawooya’s family members say betrayed him, has spoken out vehemently denying selling out his friend. Mutebi says weeks before Kawooya’s arrest, he started getting strange phone calls from people who said they were investigating him regarding a previous Boda Boda robbery. They required that he reports himself to Bugolobi police facility but he was hesitant for two weeks. He eventually was told to choose CPS Kampala if that’s what he was more comfortable with. He says at this point, reconsulted friends including DP spokesperson Kenneth Kakande who advised him to ask friends in Police if he had any. He says since he lives in Kanjansi, he decided to go to Lubowa police where his police friends work. He was advised to call the guys to come with a plan to have them arrested in case they turned out to be Bafere as he thought. Mutebi himself a Boda rider, for whom Kawooya had been a passenger for sometime, says the army guys from CMI turned up at Lubowa. He says they had a huge file which had 30 names of people they said are being investigated for Boda robberies. He says they had phone printouts showing the locations where each of these people stays. He says the army men had very sophisticated guns he had never seen and that they put him on gun point after he denied involvement in Boda robbery. He says they violently put him in the Kamunye (Taxi) and drove to where Kawooya Yusuf had told him he was. He says as the teriffied police officers at Lubowa helplessly looked on, he was put at gun point and asked to call Kawooya to establish where he was. He told him he was in town and the two agreed to meet at the Washing Bay near Theatre Labonita. Kawooya says on arrival at Christ the King Church near where Kawooya was, he tried to signal his friend to flee but it was too late. He says the army guys, who even had photos of the 30 people they wanted to arrest besides Kawooya, moved faster and cut off Kawooya. He says Kawooya’s arrest happened when he was seeing and even when he was hurting seeing his friend being clobbered like a Cobra snake, the crowd perceived him as someone who was part of the kidnappers. He says after subduing Kawooya and caging him inside the Kamunye, the men threw him out before trying to call him back but he fled and disappeared in the crowd. He says he is hurting because he has lost the Kawooya friendship and yet his arresters behaved in a manner that portrayed him as a traitor. He says on getting Kawooya, the guys thanked him and said “you can now go: we don’t have anything against you.” Kawooya, who continues to undergo very expensive treatment at Kampala hospital, agrees with his family members that his friend and fellow DP member Daniel Mutebi betrayed him and vows never to forgive him.



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