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This is in reference to our Sunday 9th June 2019 story published under the headline: “Shame as Huge Scam Rocks the DGF Project.” Inter alia, the story referred to Chapter Four head Mr. Nicolas Opio as one of those wielding extreme powers capable of being used to determine which NGO or CSO accesses funding from the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) or not. Among some readers, the story also created the impression that Mr. Opio was complicit in some of the NGO/CSO-wide improper conduct reported therein whereas not.

We have since established contrary facts including the fact that Mr. Opio isn’t in anyway involved in decision-making at DGF. Neither is Chapter Four, the organization he heads. In fact it has since been established that Chapter Four isn’t even among recipients of any DGF funding. We also regret the inappropriate or misleading use of Mr. Opio’s picture on the featured photo that accompanied the above referenced story. We equally regret any negative portrayal our publication could have occasioned to Mr. Opio.



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