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By Mulengera Reporters

City businessman Faizal Muyiga Kisiki, who is the proprietor of the famous Diners Café located on Ham Towers Makerere, says his landlord Hamis Kiggundu is out to witch-hunt tenants who openly profess Bobi Wine and his people power movement.

Muyiga, who has since contracted the services of city law firm M/S Muwada & Co Advocates and has written to Ham Kiggundu as much, says he has been a victim of this political witch hunt by the wealthy property owner.

It should be recalled that Hamis Kiggundu is a close friend of Kampala Central MP Mohammed Nsereko whose supporters have lately been at war with those of Mr. Wine whose brother Fred Nyanzi badly wants Nsereko’s MP Seat come 2021.

Muyiga, who has many times been at Mr. Wine’s Magere home to undertake political assignments, is the PP coordinator for Sembabule district where he is challenging the NRM strongman Joseph Sekabito for the Mawogola South MP Seat.

Muyiga, who has operated at the Buildings level 5 mostly selling Pizzas for campusers for 4 years, says his troubles began on Thursday 30th May. He says on that day while in Sembabule he got a phone call from his cashiers saying Ali Abbas (an Indian running the building for Ham following the acrimonious departure of Hajji Abdul Musoke) had forced his way into the counter.

In the court papers filed with Ham’s lawyers and Buganda Road Magistrate’s Court where Hamis Kiggundu faces private prosecution, Muyiga complains of criminal trespass and conversion of goods which he says was done by Ali Abbas who is Hamis Kiggundu’s agent.

Muyiga claims Ali Abbas who is Hamis’ manager took off with millions of shillings and other business property he was using to run his restaurant business on the building. Ali Abbas, whose management style has caused the number of tenants to diminish on the building, claimed he was picking money and all these other things in compensation for the many months Muyiga had taken without paying rent.

Muyiga also says he will use the court proceedings to subject the entire company to scrutiny regarding their compliance to tax obligations. He says he has always paid his rent and yet the company never issues him receipts which he suspects could be aimed at concealing tax obligations.

Indeed in one of his many correspondences with Hamis’ lawyers (dated 14th June 2019), lawyer Nkunyingi Muwada demands that the company discloses its URA rental tax returns and also denies his client being in any rent default as claimed by the land lord.

Mr. Hamis Kiggundu’s company called Ham Enterprises Ltd is being sued along with property manager Ali Abbas and Muyiga says they have run to court because they fear police won’t have the guts to act because of the business’ perceived strong political connections.

Some of the relevant correspondence the lawyers have been exchanging regarding the Faizal Muyiga vs. Ham dispute



Through lawyers (BARAK LEGAL ASSOCIATED ADVOCATES), Hamis Kiggundu says Muyiga has accumulated “severe rental arrears” at a rate of $3,000 per month. He says the bill has grown to $62,205 (equaling Shs234.8m) which Muyiga must pay or else face consequences. At some point, in one his lawyers’ letters, Muyiga had demanded Shs57.7m from Hamis Kiggundu’s company to cater for Ali Abbas’ impugned actions but Hamis Kiggundu’s lawyers say he isn’t entitled to even a penny.

Mulengera News was unable to verify Muyiga’s claims of being politically persecuted for his PP beliefs because Hamis Kiggundu was unable to take our calls. Neither did he respond to text messages. Muyiga says he is ready for a fight and vows to go down fighting in defense of his political and economic rights. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at  




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