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By Joachim Twino

During the just concluded (Wednesday 5th-Friday 7th June) Service Excellence Exhibition at Kololo, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was among key government agencies that showcased what they have done in the passing FY2018/2019.

The event was organized by the Finance Ministry as part of activities lined up to mark the FY2019/2020 budget month. The CAA teams powerfully erected their display as part of the larger section organizers designated for MDAs falling under the Works & Transport sector.

The CAA stall attracted many people especially young students desirous to learn about ongoing efforts to revamp the national carrier Uganda Airlines.

Led by Manager Corporate & Public Affairs Vianney Luggya, the CAA teams took this as God-sent opportunity to explain many things including the state of aviation in Uganda. To their credit, they also carried clear illustrations which enabled them to pictorially explain to the curious exhibition goers the profile of Entebbe International Airport.

The illustrations showcased the full expanse of Entebbe Airport giving the closest possible understanding of the facility to even Ugandans that have never reached there leave alone travelling through the same Airport. Those that have never travelled abroad often asked whether Uganda Airlines will have a provision for domestic routes to enable them have their maiden flights.

On the Wednesday opening ceremony, Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda led Ministers and other government officials present to tour the entire exhibition but there was unanimity that CAA was doing a good job. Rugunda keenly listened as Manager Luggya & Co eloquently explained everything regarding the CAA mandate.

For much of the exhibition time, Kenneth Otim (a Principal Public Affairs Officer at CAA) was available to answer all manner of questions from the public and young show goers liked taking selfies with him. His simplified explanations created tremendous interest in aviation matters especially among the youngsters who confessed being fascinated by the illustrations of the Bombardiers the government of Uganda recently procured as it prepares for the flight resumption by Uganda Airlines.

The Ministers stayed on the CAA stall longest

Some of the stuff CAA teams displayed at Kololo

Besides CAA, National Medical Stores (NMS) was another exhibitor whose space attracted lots of human traffic. Equally attractive was the stall allocated to Dairy Development Authority (DDA) where tens of thousands of liters of pasteurized milk was served to show goers for the three days of the exhibition free of charge. Ugandans were pleasantly excited that their government was capable of making such a generous offer.

Yet there was enough for everybody to drink and even take home. That made the DDA tent extremely attractive to majority guests at Kololo. The NAADS ED Dr. Samuel Mugasi was also there with his teams exhibiting lots of mechanization equipment, which many found very attractive for photo-ops but also most importantly to make the relevant inquiries. See more in pictures taken at the event.

Did you guys like what you saw. Rugunda seemingly asks the other Ministers after inspecting the CAA staff

Premier Rugunda leads the government officials and other Ministers to inspect the CAA stall




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