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By Mulengera Reporters

Close to 200 Presidential advisors are right now undergoing stress to the extent some of them have lost appetite for food ahead of the sudden meeting to which the President has summoned all of them through their line Minister Ester Mbayo. “Many of us have never met him since the day were appointed. We even doubt he remembers some of us physically. We have just been there enjoying government rides and allowances as we never get to see the man we are supposed to advise,” humorously said a long-serving Presidential advisor. “This Monday meeting is unprecedented and its coming at a time when many of us have had our contracts expire and they haven’t been renewed.”

Speaking to Mulengera News about the Monday meeting at Entebbe State House, some Presidential advisors said they are already having premonition the man from Rwakitura might read the riot act and send all of them home. “We are having premonition he might use that meeting to thank us and announce some retirement package because he clearly can do without us,” said another Senior Presidential advisor. “We intend to use the meeting to thank him and even beg him for new contracts for those still able to work.”

Maintaining a cathedral-size group of not-so-very productive advisors is one thing over which Museveni has endured prolonged criticisms by citizens and CSOs who see this as mere wastage of the scarce public resources on public administration which is merely consumptive and not contributing much to production.

Tamale Mirundi, one of the easily noticeable Senior Presidential Advisors, is among those who are very contemptuous of the title. Mirundi has always told citizens the amorphous appointment never comes with a job description leaving it upon those appointed to be very innovative and find a way of creating work for themselves as that is the only way one can keep relevant in that post. Renowned for his pragmatism, Mirundi freely tells radio audiences that is Museveni’s way of getting pension for his cronies who retire from public life without any reasonable social protection program to write home about.

As of last year, Museveni had 163 advisors who annually shared Shs28.5bn in salary on top of the cars, fuel and other allowances they each get at the expense of the taxpayer to whom it’s not clear what they exactly do.

Some of the famous advisors include ex-German diplomat E Holderbaum earning Shs7m per month; Henry Muganwa Kajura (15m), Kintu Musoke (Shs11m), ex-VP Specioza Wandera Kazibwe (Shs2.6m), Namirembe Bitamazire, Ham Mulira, Ezra Suruma, James Makumbi, Nasser Ntege Ssebagala (Shs2.3m), Tamale Mirundi (Shs2.3m), John Musinguzi (Shs8m), Grace Nyakwenegura (Shs4m), Beatrice Wabudeya (Shs15m), Patrick Rusongoza (Shs15m), Alice Muhoozi (Shs7.3m), Dorah Rukare Ssemambo (Shs6m), Christine Mugira (Shs4m) and Sylvia Olai Latigo (Shs2.3m) among others. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at




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