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Kole Resident District Commissioner Johana Omara Olweny is under investigations for holding open campaigns for one of the aspirants for the Kole South Parliamentary Seat. Omara has reportedly been campaigning for Kampala based businessman Denis Dean Omeni, in the Sub Counties of Bala, Ayer, Akalo and Ayer Town Council since last year. In one of the drives, he was seen distributing handheld hoes which were given to households in Bala Sub County about three weeks ago. Area residents say that the RDC has advised them to vote for Omeni, against the incumbent legislator Peter Ochen.  But Ochen believes that the conduct of RDC is against the Public Service Standing Orders which stop public Servants from engaging in active politics. Former Kole South MP Fred Ebil has also accused the RDC of misleading the electorate.  RDCs are public officers appointed by the President to coordinate the administration of government services in the district, monitor and oversee local government programs on behalf of the central government and advise the district chairperson on matters of a national nature that may affect the district or its plans and programs. Mohammed Mayanja, who oversees the operations and performance of all Resident District Commissioners at State House, says he has received complaints of misconduct against Omara, filed by a number of politicians in the area.  Without divulging details of the complaint, Mayanja said the matter is being handled administratively.  However, Olweny says that he has only been urging local people to identify with and support politicians who support government programs and care about the welfare of the residents. But Omeni described complaints against Olweny as blackmail. For comments, call or text us on 0752510225.



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