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PDP Party President Dr. Abed Bwanika has revealed that plans to politically overcome KCCA Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago have been finalized within the top echelons of the People Power Movement (PPM) for which he claims to be the spokesperson. Appearing on the CBS radio’s Parliament Yaffe program, Bwanika said meetings have been going on to finalize a decisive offensive on Lukwago come 2021. “I’m a top figure in People Power and I’m telling you meetings have been ongoing and I have attended some,” Bwanika said. “You think it’s only me and Latif Sebaggala but there are others interested in the Mayoral seat. We have Micheal Mabikke and Kenneth Kakande. Our resolve as DP Bloc is to front one candidate for every elective position and our position is the position of People Power because we are the same people in charge of both.” Bwanika didn’t explain what Lukwago had done or failed to do to justify all that vicious effort aimed at politically annihilating him. He said: “In my case I’m ready to abide by the group decision: if they don’t select me, I can go to Lwengo and run for Bukoto South MP Seat. I can even stand anywhere in Kampala and people elect me because I’m liked everywhere.” Bwanika also said with Dr. Kizza Besigye unveiling his People’s Government and seemingly reluctant to endorse Bobi Wine’s 2021 presidential bid, they as People Power have concluded that the 2021 elections will have two strong opposition contenders for the Presidency. “That is very clear now and discussing joint opposition front between People Power and People’s Government isn’t something we are thinking about anymore. It’s already beyond us and all we are discussing now is how to implement our one to one formula going into the general elections,” Bwanika said as moderator Med Nsereko scorned him for lowering his standards too much. “You were thrice for Presidency and you are now saying I’m ready for any position? What happened my man Abed?” Nsereko sarcastically teased prompting Bwanika to say: “For us in People Power, the Presidency is resolved. We have our strong candidate who is Bobi Wine and the struggle requires us to sacrifice personal ambitions which is why I’m ready to contest anywhere but not the Presidency.” Fellow panelists faulted Bwanika for overlooking parties like JEEMA which are opposition but are neither in People’s Government nor DP Bloc. He didn’t attempt any answer to that legitimate concern raised by fellow panelists.


Abed Bwanika

Speaking next was panelist Betty Nambooze who dismissed Abed Bwanika & co for being unserious. “For us in People’s Government are looking at the broader struggle. This week alone President Museveni had two meetings all aimed at Erias Lukwago and how to weaken the Mayor as Kampala’s political head. He met even a committee of Parliament and urged them to find a way to make him the political head of Kampala. Our focus is how to defeat such grand plans by Mr. Museveni and it’s the reason we despise the likes of Bwanika who are in this struggle for just positions. You are here scheming for Lukwago’s downfall so that you become the Lord Mayor but what if Mr. Museveni succeeds in abolishing the elected Mayor? What’s your plan B? Why don’t you concentrate on fighting such rather than targeting Erias Lukwago?” Nambooze said before veiledly likening Bwanika to Kwazulu Natal’s Chief Buthelezi who delayed South African liberation by always targeting ANC politicians rather than the leaders of the Apartheid regime who were the problem for all blacks in South Africa. Nambooze also insisted Lukwago deserves to be appreciated “because it’s because of his efforts of challenging the Magyezi Act in Court that we can even talk of elections in 2021 as opposed to 2023 which Mr. Museveni and his NRM had wished to have.” She carried on: “When the Lukwagos went to Court some people called it waste of time. Dr. Bwanika here said the best way out was through a referendum. He duped people that this was the only way to stop the lifting of term limits. I was home bed-ridden but I sent Hon Kyanjo to tell Bwanika to come for my signature. He created a lot of excitement on this show about his referendum and as of now he no longer talks about it. He never explained what he did with people’s signatures and he is instead here dissing the Lukwagos whose sweat and sacrifice is the reason we are going to have elections in 2021 as opposed to 2023.” Nambooze was supported by Imam Kasozi and Yusuf Nsibambi who accused Bwanika & Co of being only minded about how to use the Bobi Wine wave to win lower level positions at the expense of the larger struggle to end NRM rule. “This struggle calls for sacrifice and all of us leaders must look far beyond ourselves. That’s is why in 2016 I abandoned my ambitions for Makindye West MP Seat where I had a fully-fledged campaign office and a nice house. I met with Allan Sewanyana at Metropole Hotel and we agreed my candidature wasn’t necessary since we all believe in the same struggle,” said Nsibambi who sharply disagreed with Bwanika like never before.

Nsibambi also condemned his man Bwanika for rushing to conclude that talks between People’s Government and People Power had collapsed making it impossible to talk about a joint opposition front anymore. “I sit in FDC top organs and I’m the chairman of the party’s electoral commission and I can tell you in that capacity that my party is still open to having that discussion,” Nsibambi said. Minister Vincent Sempijja and MP Kasule Sebunya said Bwanika’s utterances were proof that Museveni won’t struggle getting reelected in 2021. “We are in fact going for our NRM Caucus retreat in Kyankwanzi on 13th March very reenergized and aware of how to strategize against my friends in the opposition,” Sebunya said.



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