By Simon Turibamwe

As the rest of the NRM Members of Parliament head to Kyankwanzi for a retreat, a group of six MPs have vowed to oppose all the resolutions made at Kyankwanzi.  Six MPs including Theodora Sekikuubo have not been invited to be part of the retreat on grounds that they had no contribution there but confusing others and spreading poisonous campaign to the party according to Magaret Muhanga. Muhanga was voiced at CBS radio saying that the six NRM MPs whom she didn’t mention by name are now considered prodigal sons of the NRM and no longer have any contribution in making party resolution. “Apart from six members who include Sekikuubo, the rest are heading for the retreat at Kyankwanzi and will be coming up with good resolution for the party in preparation for 2021 general elections. The Sekikuubo led group was not invited and we don’t need them because they have no contribution other than causing chaos and disruption,” said Muhanga.


Rwemiyaga North MP Theodora Sekikuubo

In response, the outspoken Rwemiyaga North MP Theodora Sekikuubo has vowed to mobilize his group and oppose any resolution passed by the NRM from Kyankwanzi. Sekikuubo said that they will not tolerate the dictatorship in the name of Kyankwanzi resolution that blindfolds Ugandans. “Even if I was invited what value do I find in those resolution from Kyankwanzi? They are only promoting dictatorship and not beneficial to Ugandans and are meant to benefit one person,” Sekikuubo said. Sekikuubo added that it’s time for Ugandans to decide for themselves on whether to follow the Kyankwanzi resolutions or to go by what is constructive for all.  “They already have the purpose of the retreat which to give them instructions, deployments, and strategizing for positions ahead of 2021 elections and I don’t need this if I have served my constituents.  I will never be part of these Kyankwanzi meetings and I’m prepared to oppose all their resolution because I’m sure I have the majority,” Sekikuubo said. This is not the first time for some NRM Members of Parliament to go parallel with the party resolution and business. Sekikuubo who was in 2015 branded a rebel group together with other six MPS, were again on the scene when the parliament allowed the bill tabled by Igara East Raphael Magezi to erase the age limit clause from the constitution. Recently, Gafa Mbwatekamwa a vocal NRM MP from Kasanda announced that he will never contest for leadership position in Uganda when President Museveni is still reigning. For comments, call or text us on 0752510225.



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