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By Mulengera Reporters

Pastor Tom Mugerwa is renowned for many things including his very transformative way of preaching and of course his sense of humility which qualifies him to be Kampala’s humblest man of God.


The Luganda-preaching church minister is the founding pastor for Mutundwe Christian Fellowship (MCF) under which a number of gospel-preaching radio stations have been opened in all bantu-speaking regions of Uganda. Besides 98.7 MCF fm that broadcasts for Kampala audiences, Ps Tom Mugerwa has 24 hour radio presence in Busoga, Mbale, Masaka, Fort Portal and other parts of Western Uganda.  He is soon unveiling a TV channel besides his already very strong online presence.

Pastor Tom Mugerwa’s Mutundwe church toilet nearing completion

This vast media network, coupled with his flawless way of preaching, has enabled Mugerwa’s MCF church ministry to register rapid growth even when he doesn’t conduct Sunday services. This, knowledgeable sources say, is aimed at avoiding war and conflict with other pastors whose churches would easily become empty if Mugerwa was to allow full membership and begin conducting Sunday services for them.

The rapid growth of his Ministry has seen numbers tremendously grow at the Mutundwe church to levels even Ps Tom Mugerwa couldn’t have imagined. And sources close to his very enterprising wife Justine Mugerwa say the plan now is to acquire the entire village to fully expand the church ministry to accommodate the ever swelling number of worshippers.

The growing numbers have led to growing businesses as thousands of people come from across Uganda seeking spiritual empowerment to eventually be delivered from life’s afflictions like witch craft and demonic possession which Mugerwa eloquently teaches about.


Besides the growing business opportunities for restaurants, gospel music sellers, mobile money kiosks, Boda riders and taxi drivers, the swelling numbers have also led to increased demand for sanitation facilities especially toilets and bathrooms for door to door preachers who are permitted to permanently live at the church with exception of Saturdays and Sundays.

This has prompted Pastor Tom Mugerwa to erect what is clearly threatening to be the largest toilet complex in Uganda. Built using voluntary modest cash contributions by church goers, the toilet is a storied building and one can easily mistake it for an upcoming arcade or apartment block in any of Kampala’s buzzing suburban neighborhoods.


It’s still work in progress but sources close to the Pastor say Mugerwa is convinced this toilet facility will remain adequate regardless of how large his congregation grows. Indeed church goers have been having real difficulties accessing wash room facilities on the current old small toilet/washroom block at MCF.

People, including children, have to line up waiting for their turn to access the limited toilet facilities. This is why church goers are unanimous the new toilet complex is money well-spent.  The new structure will be unveiled by Christmas this year. See more in pictures showing the current progress on the very large toilet site. Conservative estimates are so far putting the total cost to slightly over Shs1bn when everything is up and running. (For comments, email us at





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