Pictorial evidence in our possession proves that Mukono South MP Muyanja Senyonga can be romantic (even in public) when he chooses to be. Just last week during a UNRA stakeholder engagement meeting in Kyambogo, Senyonga came across what he considered a very beautiful lady (Wakiso LC5 Vice Chairperson Betty Ethel Naluyima) and found no problem publicly letting her know about the uncontrollable affection he was developing towards her. From the pictures, the feeling was mutual as Naluyima was equally animated in her reaction to Muyanja’s gesture. It’s clear from their body language that the two young politicians had a meeting of both minds and hearts as was clearly manifested in the pictures taken at the event. We doubt they can go beyond that public display of affection due to the fact that they are both stably married to their respective spouses.

 Muyanja Senyonga appreciating Betty Ethel Naluyima at different angles.

Proof that Its not only Mayanja Senyonga that gave alot of attention to Betty Ethel Naluyima.

For the rest you can judge for yourself from the photos above & don’t forget to share your feedback on 0703164755.



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