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All is not well for trade minister Amelia Kyambade whose uncle John Senseko Kulubya is grievously ill having been medically confirmed to be suffering from multiple complications. Close family sources have revealed that Kulubya (renowned for his ownership of more than 25% of the land in Kampala) first suffered a severe stroke which was so serious that the medical teams advised the family not to waste time flying him abroad. Then as he continued undergoing specialized treatment at home, his kidney-related complications also escalated prompting family doctors to immediately put him on dialysis machine to prolong his life. This is how a very heart-broken close relative described the situation: “Mzee just needs prayers because the doctors are increasingly running out of options.” One of the very many things for which Mzee Kulubya is remembered was his well-publicized efforts to win the Kampala Mayorship for his favorite NRM party. He was a renowned party animal who never missed cocktail parties at the residences of the different Ambassadors.

John Senseko Kulubya




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