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By Mulengera Reporters

President Yoweri Museveni has launched a new strategy to reach the masses in villages countrywide and maintain grip on power. In a move seen as a direct counter to the tricks of his rivals, Museveni has deployed 200, 000 agents to cover 65, 200 villages in the country. Their work is to infiltrate his messages deep down to the last local man.

Sources reveal that Museveni has decided to employ the methods he used while fighting Idi Amin in the 1970s when he would use his networks led by Eng. Kasadha Sam  to scatter flyers all over Kampala with anti-Amin messages. This time, he will leave no stone unturned to defeat his rivals whom he equates to Amin although they are not in power.

Faruk Kirunda who operates Museveni’s website under his office as NRM National Chairman


The operation targets people who are not on social media. Museveni is the Ugandan with the largest following on twitter at over one million; he is also very popular on Facebook which he joined only a few years ago. After conquering virtual space, the man from Rwakitura is rushing to keep himself on top of things by edging closer to the people.

Museveni is a known super mobiliser who leaves nothing to chance. With new political forces opposing his rule, it was only a matter before he devised “new” ways to fight back. According to the website, which is run by Museveni’s office in Kyambogo, he was to launch an onslaught on the opposition this year. It is not known if the operation is part of the onslaught.

The operation will be co-ordinated by Milly Babalanda, his personal assistant and senior presidential advisor assisted by Faruk Kirunda, an aide in charge of media at State House and an administrator at the Kyambogo office. Museveni will directly supervise Babalanda and Kirunda as they oversee the work of the 200, 000 agents on ground. The agents have been deployed in 21 operational regions where they will translate and disseminate Museveni’s messages in local dialects using radio, TV and community gatherings.

The list of regional heads is below: Yakub Gowan Katarikawe (Tooro), Balikwa Fred Basome (Bunyoro), Abudul Goerge Omongi (Lango), Capt. Yasin Matata (West Nile), Francis Akule (Madi), Oguti Oswin Sebastian (Acholi), Kokoi Simon Peter (Karamoja), Eseru Paul (Teso), Fadil Twalla (Sebei), Shaban Kachimete (Bugisu), Saleh Kamba (Bukedi), Gabula Ezra (Busoga), Patrick Mubiru (Greater Mukono), Sebunya Henry (Greater Luweero), Kato John Bosco (Greater Mubende), Birimuye Vicent (Greater Masaka), Maj. Walusimbi Sulaiman (Kampala), Tukamuhebwa Robert (Kigezi), Kamalha Johnson Kalyasa (Rwenzori), Agiromugisha Ronald (Ankole) and Ssembalirwa Hassan (Greater Mpigi).

Museveni in a past photo with his political assistant Doka Milly Babalanda


The above agents will work with the spirit of cadreship free of charge. Those we spoke to said they are ready to do anything for Mzee because they have seen that his rivals have nothing new to offer and they are very intolerant and uncaring for the needs of Ugandans.

During Amin’s time, Museveni would use then youthful allies like Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, deceased freedom fighters like Mwesigwa Black, Eriya Kategaya, Martin Mwesiga and Eng. Kasadha to print and distribute flyers with anti-Amin information in strategic areas including Wandegeya and military bases. Since Amin’s henchmen were illiterate, they couldn’t read the messages or respond to them. This time the messages printed will be coded until they reach the intended consumers at the grassroots.



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