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By Mulengera Reporters

Using his weekly newspaper column, Mzee John Nagenda (an influential media advisor to the President) has thanked God for the new UNAIDS position Eng Winnie Byanyima (wife to Dr. Kizza Besigye) scooped earlier in the week.

This is how Nagenda, who has always been mean in his characterization of the Besigye couple, writes about Byanyima: “This formidable woman has done wonders for herself and her country: of that there can be no doubt. Her list of achievements is longer than our arm [he then quotes the UN statement announcing her recruitment]. I first met her in 1985 when visiting the Bush War in which she took part.”

He adds: “That she has won this post against some of the most formidable players in the whole world is not accidental. Below her charm lies granite, a quality that excludes easy surrender. How her late parents must be proud and her many admirers clapping.” Nagenda argues there are simply not many African females that can match Byanyima’s credentials when it comes to shinning at the global scene.

 His views aren’t different from those State Lands Minister Parcis Namuganza expressed this same Saturday morning while appearing on Top Radio. “It’s great that even the FDC party SG has appreciated that this required endorsement of the government of Uganda. And we are all very proud of the way Hon Byanyima has raised the flag of our country at the international scene. This opens doors for many of us the young women who too could make it at the world scene someday,” Namuganza said. “Its also proof that its very wasteful to be here in the FDC things of being teargassed all the time. Her experience is proof there are many useful people in the opposition who can put their talent to work and promote the image of our country except that they like misdirecting their efforts in the FDC things which only bring teargas.”

Namuganza also thanked the President who she said would have frustrated Byanyima from excelling as international civil servant in all the offices she has occupied since quitting Ugandan politics. She said with the UNAIDS job, they as NRM are sure Byanyima won’t be available to mobilize the population against the NRM government.

On Bobi Wine, she said he had politically hanged himself the moment he drove to Lusanja earlier in the week and bed farewell to voters while telling them he was going for Presidency. “That’s very good for us. That one is gone politically because after losing Presidency, he will have no political office to sustain himself as relevant,” she said insisting the man from Magere stands no chance succeeding against Museveni in 2021. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164756 or email us at





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