By Simon Turibamwe

President Yoweri Museveni has described going on streets for demonstrations as committing suicide or offering to die.  Addressing the Kampala youths in State House this afternoon, said that because he understood the dangers of taking to streets for demonstrations in the 1980’s he never risked mobilizing Ugandans who massively believed in him to provoke Obote’s army on streets. “I was popular among here but I never wanted to risk my people because I know Obote would kill them all in one hour,” Museveni told the youths. Museveni revealed that because he wanted to prove his sacrifice he took the option of going to the bush where I would die alone with those who offered to follow him. He urged the youths not to accept the opposition people to lure them to go on streets and begin clashing with the police because there is no gain at the end of the day. “A person who wants you to develop cannot mobilize people to go streets because there is a lot of risks and dangers” said Museveni. Museveni said that the opposition in Uganda is not developmental but only working to suffocate development. He went ahead to advise the youths to distance selves from opposition politicians in the country because they have no future after from being criminals. Emphasizing his love for the Bazukulu whom he said he wishes to their grandchildren warned that: “Those are not developmental at all and they don’t want us to develop. They are only criminals [nabatemu] don’t follow them.” After brushing the youths, Museveni handed them a cheque of Shs500m to use it to forge life. Elsewhere, having handed over the cheque to the youths and paused for group Photo, a female youth stole the show by struggling to shake his hands where she started standing and later knelt then stood again and stared at Museveni like a catholic member of the Legion of Mary looking at the mother Mary’s idol. For comments, call or text us on 0752510225.  




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