By Simon Turibamwe

The women’s day celebrations didn’t go well for minister Adolf Mwesige in Bunyangabu district over the humiliation he got from villagers before the President. Adolf Mwesige who is the only bull in the kraal and Museveni’s blue eyed boy from Rwenzori region faced a humiliation he never expected before the president and the first of its kind in his life when villagers accused him before president Museveni for telling lies. During the Women’s day celebrations at Rwimi primary school in Bunyangabu district the president asked Adolf Mwesige who is the Member of Parliament for Bunyangabu county and also minister for defense to tell him how far electricity connection has reached in the district. Adolf stood up smartly and told the president that the whole district is 86% percent connected and gave out Kabonero sub county as the role model where he said power is everywhere. Before he finished his explanation to Museveni who kept on tasking him to tell the exact point where the connection has reached, a villager emerged from the crowd shouting that the minister was telling lies. The villager who was later identified as Kyaligonza Atenyi from Kabonero was joined by many others within a twist of an eye and started shouting that there is no power at Kabonero sub county and that its far away from the area the minister mentioned. “Waitu president, minister nakubaiha itwe aba Kabonero titwiina’ masanyarazi bakagakomya kuri ifo ahakyoma ky’ebichooli arekye kukubaiha {loosely meaning that the minister is deceiving there is no electricity in Kabonero it only stops far at a maize milling machine but not Kabonero, let him not deceive you your excellency},” Kyaligonza shouted amidst cheers from crowds. This little known Kyaligonza whom the president called in front to come and explain to him properly went ahead to report that Bunyangabu had the poorest road network in the whole country which forced the president to task the CAO to explain why.

The embarrassed Mwesige went on to defend himself against the villagers who cheered Kyaligonza as a hero for exposing him (Minister) that the connection is about to be realized everywhere. The president who behaved like a parent only advised the Minister to always prepare himself and get updated with development progress from people on ground and also explain to the villagers on every progress and step taken to understand. Mwesige chickened before the constituents and only listened to the president watching Kyaligonza with an embarrassment as he kept saying yes sir. Mwesige’s camp has since revealed that this village man was not alone but could have been hired by Mwesige’s rivals or some politicians from Kasese to have him weakened before president. It’s a habit in Rwenzori region for people to embarrass leaders before president and in most cases those who seem to be frustrated are always on fore front of planning such moves. In 2013 a group of women from Busongora south stormed the president’s tent at Nyakasanga grounds to accuse the then defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga and district chairperson Col Dura Mawa of frustrating development in the area. For comments, call or text us on 0752510225



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