By Simon Turibamwe

African heads of states have been asked to give a platform to opposition politicians whenever there are issues affecting the national development. Speaking at the Africa Now Summit 2019 in Kampala the opposition Democratic Party President Nobert Mao, challenged African leaders to accept the opinion and contributions of the opposition in planning as well as finding solutions. Mao told participants attending the Africa Now Summit 2019 at Munyonyo Speke Resort Hotel Kampala today (Wednesday) that leaders face challenges and problems that have solutions and fail to address them not because that they can’t be solved but because they don’t involve their opponents whom they consider as enemies yet there are minimal solutions among the responsible ones. Mao who first quoted his Lecturer at Makerere university who told him that he should always walk with people who have the answer, told the summit which is under the theme Towards Secure and Growing Africa that solutions are always with the unheard and harassed citizens.

President Museveni


“When these ones raise to speak out you harass them and deny them a chance and you continue suffocating,” said the DP boss. Mao said that the opposition politicians that would be having an alternative solution to the problems are not given a chance to give their contributions and when they raise them in a given platform they are portrayed enemies. “My challenge to the African leaders is that why are most of you treat political opponents like enemies? Whenever they gather to discuss national problems to identify possible solutions are harassed and sprayed with teargas. Why don’t you give them a platform where they can express their views properly?” asked Mao. Mao said that given a chance, the opposition would share solutions to the problems of Africa but they are not considered in national planning. He further asked that: “Can’t you address this impunity so that the opposition also contributes in finding solutions of our loved Africa?” William Ruto the Deputy President Kenya, had earlier on warned the summit that there is a need to have unity among Africans if they are to realize their goal. Ruto said that there is also a need to keep the momentum at which the African Union was built but can only happen when there is unity. He expressed a fear that if African leaders start bickering like grasshoppers the great values of African Union will be realized and the west will lough at Africans. He noted that unity among Africans is necessary because Africa has the closest relations among its people compared to other continents. Opening the summit yesterday in Kampala, President Museveni said that the African artisan class was wiped out by colonialists the reason African needs to address issues of education and health and freedom of the private sector. For comments, call or text us on 0752510225.



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