By Simon Turibamwe

The organizers of the anticipated National Dialogue in Uganda have been advised to first exclude president Museveni from the high table if the dialogue is to be meaningful. Professor Francis Wazarwahi Bwengye who featured on NBS television with CCEDU’s Charity Ahimbisibwe, rapped the organizers for starting the dialogue at a weaker point by having President Museveni as chief discussant and also Ruhakana Rugunda as the chief facilitator. Bwengye said that the dialogue that is seeking to address the political question and other issues affecting Ugandans should not involve President Museveni whom they are supposed to be discussing because he will not accept to be discussed. He said that President Museveni is the chief accounting officer of this country and therefore they would have gone a head with the dialogue and later hand him over the report and resolutions from the dialogue. “Museveni is accounting officer of this country and whatever happens he is the one to be held responsible and so I don’t see the essence of him being the chief facilitator at a dialogue intended to address the wrong he has committed,” said Bwengye.  Bwengye further said that the organizers are only focusing on the problem symptoms without diagnosing the cause and what would be the permanent solution. He said that the only problem in Uganda is abusing rule of law where the constitution has been violated and put aside by Museveni himself but the organizers have not minded it and went a head to appoint him chief facilitator as if he is the one dialoguing them instead of them engaging him.  Bwengye said that: “The dialogue is compromised. How can you allow me to supervise and the same time say you are dialoguing me? It will not work and will yield nothing as some people will think otherwise in the process.”  However, the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU’s) Charity Ahimbisibwe explained that Bwengye was misinformed about the dialogue saying that Museveni and his prime minister Ruhakana Rugunda are not part of the dialogue organizers much as they were assigned responsibilities of opening the dialogue. Ahimbisibwe who confirmed that President Museveni gave a key note address at the Opening of the dialogue is not directly involved in organization. she said that it’s only Ruhakana Rugunda who is facilitating the dialogue but Museveni is being engaged and was necessary to have him on the board because he needed to respond to some issues raised by stakeholders.  She said that the dialogue which is being organized by Elders Forum, Interreligious Council of Uganda, IPOD among others will have a big impact on the national issues and rule of law because it has involved all stakeholders. She informed Bwengye that the dialogue is very crucial for Uganda and that if the situation continue the way it is without any means, people are likely to die because they will end up opting to take up arms. The dialogue which has stalled for a longtime is to be in its advanced stages and is expected to resume a fresh very soon. For Comments, call or text us on 0752510225.



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