Convinced that he was bewitched by a senior NRM cadre in his constituency, long suffering Nakawa MP Micheal Kabaziguruka (who last Sunday survived yet another accident) has turned to God accepting Christ as his personal savior. Consequently, a group of Pastors including House of Prayer Ministries’ Aloysius Bugingo have been going to his Luzira home to pray for healing. Besides Bugingo, the other pastors (mostly mobilized by his sisters & wife) are from the Luzira-Butabika area. It was during his incarceration in Kigo prison that Kabaziguruka (who had just become MP) realized he was a victim of witch-craft occasioned by the senior NRM cadre in the Division. While at Kigo, Kabaziguruka who prisons authorities thought had run mad, would wake up in the middle of the night and begin making strange noise which proved he was demon-possessed. “The demons would beat and strangle me throughout the night. I would be seeing all sorts of very scary animals all out to get me. That would happen once the lights are off and the problem escalated when I fell grievously ill and was admitted in the Kigo sick bay,” Kabaziguruka was quoted as narrating one of the prayer warriors coming with the Butabika pastors for the frequent healing prayer sessions at his home. The pastors have been driving to his home because of the immobile state Kabaziguruka is in now.


MP Kabaziguruka being visited by Francis Zzake and Mohamed Segirinya

He was early last year involved in what seemed a minor accident. This occurred outside Shoprite Lugogo as Kabaziguruka, famous for materially supporting his voters, drove his constituency ambulance rushing a constituent with a health emergency to Naguru hospital. It was morning (like 8am) on a Sunday. The MP had a head on collision with another vehicle at that junction connecting to Lugogo bypass. In the ambulance was the patient and one of the MP’s assistants. Surprisingly only him got terribly injured and the other two occupants escaped with minor bruises. As he agonized in severe pain, Kabaziguruka was rushed to Prof Bwogi Kanyerezi’s Kampala Hospital in Kololo where x-ray results indicated he had sustained multiple compound fractures on his right leg. The fractures occurred in the thigh, leaving him in deep pain. He has been on treatment since that time and besides the unrelenting pain, the condition has made Kabaziguruka put on lots of weight, something medics fear might result into other complications to his health. Sources close to him say that the leading consultants at Kampala Hospital are in shock someone whose medication is being well funded (courtesy of the Parliamentary insurance scheme) can take so long to heal and get out of danger. “We have medically done everything possible and by now he should have been out of danger because we have handled more complicated fracture victims. They had less resources limiting treatment options but still they got well and are now normal again. This MP’s case has turned out rare and very complicated because all the available options have been tried but we don’t know why he isn’t healing,” a source quoted one of the top medics at Kampala Hospital as narrating to Kabaziguruka’s family. The source adds that: “One of the doctors is a practicing Christian and believes in the miracle of healing. That’s is how they came to advise Micheal to try pastors as long as it’s not Kakande. It was their polite way of saying this must be witch-craft and not normal fracturing.” Convinced he wouldn’t get better attention and management of his problem than what the Kampala Hospital teams have done so far, Kabaziguruka has been left with no option but to become open-minded and try pastors. Indeed family sources say he is getting gradually better since prayers started. “The conclusion now is that he is in all these problems because he was bewitched by the top NRM cadre who felt it was unfair for him to grab Nakawa which was the only remaining NRM stronghold in Kampala,” says a knowledgeable political mobilizer in Nakawa. The same NRM cadre is rumored to have been in a habit of subjecting foes he doesn’t like to witch-craft which he gets mostly from DR Congo and Bundibugyo. He doesn’t spare any foe whether fellow NRM or opposition. He bewitches whoever antagonizes his political ideas. Immediately after the 2016 elections, during which the NRM cadre’s numerous candidates lost, NRM Nakawa Division chairman Nicolas Arinaitwe fell grievously ill and when he failed to heal his family concluded the same cadre, with whom they had sharp disagreements during the campaigns, had bewitched him. Members of an NRM Nakawa faction, hostile to the senior cadre’s faction, met the President and reported to him his strong mobilizer Arinaitwe was dying anytime. They told him the senior cadre had bewitched Arinaitwe because of the sharp disagreements the two had during party meetings regarding who to support for which position. In fact the disagreements between Arinaitwe and the senior cadre caused confusion which saw NRM lose to opposition both the MP and LC3 positions. Museveni rang the senior cadre (to get it from the horse’s mouth) but the cadre who knew about the meeting, switched off his phone on knowing it was the President calling. The President condemned the senior cadre for practicing witchcraft and contributed Shs40m towards Arinaitwe’s treatment.


Kabaziguruka wimpers in pain in the hospital as KCCA councilors Mohammad Segirinya & Rashidah Naluwooza check on him

Since becoming Nakawa MP, Kabaziguruka who the senior cadre vowed to kill from day one hasn’t had any peace. Prior to the Lugogo accident, he had been detained in Kigo prisons after the state accused him of treasonable acts. He was in that detention for so many months and got the Sunday morning accident a few months after his release from jail. All these have constrained his performance as MP though he remains popular because of his charitable projects for the voters including scholarships, ambulances, soccer tournaments and the trucks and coasters he bought to enable both opposition and NRM voters travel for burials and related occurrences. The driver and fuel is his; constituents just reach out to him directly via telephone and, upon consultation with his village-based agents and LCs, Kabaziguruka releases the truck/coaster to them. On leaving detention, Kabaziguruka gave a newspaper interview insinuating on the alleged witchcraft by a senior NRM cadre he didn’t name. On reading the story, the cadre accused the MP of implicating him. Within that same week, the cadre stumbled on Kabaziguruka at Capital Shoppers opposite Mubs and angrily asked him “Eeh you man I read your interview but did you really have to say all that? I was shocked you try to implicate innocent people in your problems.” They laughed it off and parted. Even on the day he got the accident, the senior cadre suspiciously rang insisting to speak to Kabaziguruka. The call came in at a time doctors had told Kabaziguruka to rest and keep off phone. The cadre rang several times and Kabaziguruka’s wife in the end reluctantly picked and she suffered demonic attacks immediately after talking to the cadre and she too had to be delivered through prayers by the same group of pastors. (This story is adopted from Red Pepper where it first appeared).        

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