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Veteran broadcast journalist Basajjamivule Bwadene Nsolo Nkambwe (aka benevolent dictator), who we reported about earlier for his controversial Bobi Wine-related submissions during the Sunday NBS Eagle program, has come out with more shocking details. In his latest missive, Mivule claims to have a lot of details on money-makers who have infiltrated Bobi Wine and says he was ready to read out 10 notorious names during the Sunday show but the NBS management stopped him. He says after consulting his lawyers, he will be unleashing shocking details about these money-makers. Mivule, who made his name as an outspoken defender of the poor on Kaboozi fm, says he was aware of the Wednesday State House meeting (as reported by Kankesa Media) and this was way before it took place. He says he is born and will be buried in Magere village where Mr. Wine settled and has an obligation to alert the young politician about people (he calls them political failures) pretending to be politically with him yet in actual sense are on someone’s payroll just to spy on the Kyaddondo East MP. He says he will be meeting Bobi Wine to give him all the details. Mivule also says he is a marathoner when it comes to fighting media wars and he won’t be intimidated by the “Mafia’s” attempts to use social media bloggers to discredit him by painting him as someone on the NRM payroll to sow seeds of confusion to kill off the People Power Movement. Below we reproduce his latest missive with its original mistakes. It’s titled the “THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN” and what follows is the original text as authored by the man himself.

Mivule (L) during the Sunday program


We as journalists cannot sit and watch the true champions of change being infiltrated by greedy money makers who are selfish, looking for gold at the expense of our dear motherland. Yesterday during the EAGLE SHOW at NBS TV , which is aired every Sunday , from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm , I entered the studio with a list of names of those who are around BOBI WINE , who’s mission is not to cause change in our country but to enrich themselves through betraying BOBI, spying on him, disorganize him from within and eventually the wave of change loses steam but I was warned not to mention their names on air as it might lead us to unnecessary legal battles. Some of these political failures who are posing as BOBI WINE political allies have already received millions and millions of money from the DONOR, their assignment is to send every BOBI WINE’S program and plan to the DONOR so that the DONOR is not taken up by surprise instead he too plans how to counter BOBI WINE’S agenda .

Mivule emceeing at an earlier event

Mivule looking like a reverand

Mivule photo showing his combat readiness to fight off money makers surrounding Bobi Wine

Last week, these crooks approached one of my colleagues in media, with a message that one of the women ministers has sent for him that she wants to take him to meet the president, my colleague set a few terms before he can meet the president and one of them was that his meeting with the president should not be secretive rather public and BASAJJA MIVULE BWADENE should accompany him with all his researched information on the current affairs of our country. These Mafias responded by saying that they are ready to accept all the terms except one, they cannot accept BASAJJA MIVULE on their team because he will definitely spoil the deal.When they said that BASAJJA MIVULE is not wanted at all, my colleague also said that he’s not going.  When someone told me about it I did my investigations and after getting the facts clear I decided to pound them last Sunday during the Eagle show. When i exposed them, the Mafias got annoyed and they hired bogus bloggers on social media to twist the story that BASAJJA MIVULE is going to meet the president to pick money to fight the PEOPLE POWER I believe my fellow Ugandans you know these usual political bafere, who are like hynas moving around BOBI WINE and BOBI WINE is not yet aware that when he was in America, these hynas were busy cutting deals with the DONOR. OUR ANCESTRAL HOME IS AT MAGERE , I will be buried at Magere where Bobi Wine stays , BOBI is my neighbor and my area member of Parliament , am going to speak to him about these greedy hynas , Uganda’s politics is about money not our country , BOBI should be very very careful while dealing with these Mafias. And am ready to join BOBI WINE in this struggle , if we overcome we celebrate together , if we die we shall be mourned together , but we are not going to allow the greedy hyenas to sell our country for money. Am receiving more information about the hyenas who have sold BOBI WINE’S wave of change to the DONOR, and am still waiting for a word from my lawyers before I can read out their names publicly. ALUTA CONTINUA – THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES, GOD BLESS UGANDA.




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