By Simon Turibamwe

President Yoweri Museveni who was recently ring-fenced by the NRM party top organ CEC as the sole candidate for president, has warned voters in the country to desist from promotion of tribalism and ethnicity during electoral season because there is no leader who will feed their families or solve their domestic problems. Museveni who singled Rwenzori region in particular said that during election season issues of tribalism rise high and people vote basing on tribes and ethnicity which has kept the area in extreme poverty. He emphasized that leaders are not voted to solve voters’ domestic problems that are supposed to be handled at family level but people of Rwenzori will tell you that they can’t vote a person of a certain ethnic group because he/she doesn’t understand or solve their problems. He noted that: “Whether you vote a Mukonzo because you are a Mukonzo, a Mukyiga because you are Omukyiga or a Mutoro because you are a Mutoro that person will never solve your family problems and you will remain in poverty that’s why I advise you to vote a person who will work for everyone and especially those on NRM ticket.”  He said eradication of poverty will start from Rwenzori region where the government is going to invest a lot in agriculture, revamp Kilembe copper mines, and establishment of industrial parks in in Kasese and Kabarole districts. “By establishment of Kyembogo industrial area in Kabarole and Kasese will create more jobs and also help Ugandans to manufacture own things and stop going to China,” Museveni said.  Displayed his yellow shirt and a cap said that he no longer puts on dresses made in China but made in Bugolobi. He said that after industrializing the country, cotton grown in Uganda will be of more value to the famers and manufacturers because it will no longer be for export. He also noted that due to the increased demand by lower local government councils like the LCs, women and youths’ councils for salary, the government will introduce schemes to address it. Museveni reasoned that the said groups deserve salary but because they are many the government will become bankrupt if opted to give them salary and therefore will propose to boost their schemes where they develop through internal loaning. “The government can’t pay you salary because you are many in numbers unless we want Uganda to be bankrupt, but if we give you a SACCO you can do internal lending and borrowing where you will benefit more,” said Museveni. For comments, call or text us on 0752510225.




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