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Over the weekend, popular blogger trading under Kakensa Media controversially posted a facebook message claiming some of the activists leading Hon.  Bobi Wine’s People Power Movement on Wednesday sneaked into Entebbe State House and had a meeting with President Museveni. To his credit, Kakensa admitted not being privy to what they discussed while there. And among those he named was NBS influential manager and talk show host Sir Simon Muyanga Lutaaya who says on Wednesday 1pm, when Kankesa says the meeting started, he was in Nakulabye at Hajji Restaurant having lunch. “This is a public place and there are many people who saw me,” Muyanga said in an interview with this news website. Muyanga also reiterated his threat to resign his lucrative NBS TV job and totally quit journalism should anybody produce proof (in whatever form) showing that he indeed attended the said meeting. He says it’s possible there are people who went for the meeting “and I’m beginning to conclude that it’s colleagues in the opposition and those sinking political failure and lumpens who are now clearly discredited and don’t want to go down alone.” He also says it’s possible it could be political adversaries from the NRM though it’s more probable its “political failures from the opposition wanting to sink with everybody else.” Kadongokamu maestro Mathias Walukagga, who is among the attendees Kakensa names in his post, says he is suspicious that people wanting to discredit his new People Power-leaning hit are using the popular blogger to demonize and alienate him from his fans.


Renowned for being brutally honest, Muyanga lays bare all the facts he knows about the purported meeting. He says he was home on Tuesday night when a strange call came through to his cell phone. The caller introduced himself as Yiga Kissa Kya Mukama, a political assistant to GCW Ruth Nankabirwa. “He said the President wants to see me on Wednesday.” Muyanga says he kept thinking this was an idle joker trying to pass time and kill off boredom on a difficult Tuesday evening. He told him: “Let Mr. Museveni call himself if he indeed knows me and considers that I have anything useful to discuss with him.” This was after he switched off and the man relentlessly kept calling back. Muyanga told him he wasn’t that class of politicians and journalists who are merely excited taking a photo and having tea with the president. Saying he prefers operating formally and very transparently, Muyanga demanded that the agenda be disclosed and as well as the details of what the President wanted him for. “I don’t even think Mr. Museveni knows me.” The man insisted “the president always watches your shows and believes you are a very intelligent man that’s why he wants to meet you to share more about the good ideas you have.” Muyanja says when he remained unmoved, the caller said to maintain the transparency he stands for, he was free to choose or determine one or two people he wanted to come with. “He said that was all okay and I gave him Hon Kasule Lumumba, Hon Igeme Nabeta or my King [Columbus] as some of the people I would be comfortable coming with,” says Muyanga a diehard Kizza Besigye supporter and a devout FDC member. He cut off the phone and the man called back prompting Muyanga to ask him to call his king directly and seek his consent before taking his loyal subject to State House. The chat ended there and the man realized Muyanga’s reluctance to take his calls. In the morning of Wednesday, the relentless man called again saying: “We are waiting for you.” He also indicated to him that “everybody is here except you.” Muyanga says the man enumerated to him names of the Bobi-leaning opposition activists who were part of the entourage. “I told him I’m not of that class” and furiously warned him to stop calling on his phone. He assured him the big man would keep time making it possible for Muyanga to return to Kamwokya to resume his busy NBS schedule. Later on that same day, the man sent Muyanga a text message on his phone. He was blasting him thus: “You have embarrassed me because the big man waited for you in vain.” Characteristically unremorseful, Muyanga told the man his views about the meeting hadn’t changed. He told him he wasn’t the type interested in just being herded into State House to take tea, listen to the President, get some money and be driven back to Kampala. “I told him the issues taking me to such a meeting must be put in writing…and besides Mr. Museveni doesn’t even know me,” Muyanga says. The man insisted the big man remains convinced that ‘”you have good ideas.” Muyanga says he told the man “I’m not the most intelligent person in Uganda and if you genuinely want intelligent people go to Makerere and get the professors because there are many bright people there.” Muyanga maintains that he will resign his journalist job if anybody produces proof disputing his version of events as reflected in this story. For feedback, reach us on





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