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By Mulengera Reporters
Andrew Mwenda, who some think is one of the PR maestros M7 bashed last Sunday when he said he wouldn’t release even a coin to anyone to go & polish his image, now says the end has finally come for the President. In his latest write up titled “M7’s Image Disaster; How the President is disconnected from the young educated urbanites & why he can’t win them over,” Mwenda says even the elite that have a slightest admiration for M7 are too ashamed to publicly identify with him. He says even on social media, the few young people that show admiration for him because they anticipate earning something in return can only defend M7 using pseudo names because its risky to publicly associate with the veteran leader from Rwakitura. Mwenda, who has always demonized Kizza Besigye calling him the cult leader radicalizing Ugandans, now admits that the fact is the President no longer has any message that can sooth the anger of the young people. He predicts that even the patronizing approach of referring to them as Bazukulu won’t work for the President because its clearly too late. He says even when M7 cracks a joke on TV or in a meeting, the youth aren’t moved to laugh along with him anymore. He says the very rich who would have defended M7 because they have benefited are too few (he says 1%) & are too satisfied to bother speaking out. And the least educated who he says form 70% of the President’s support base are too far away in villages without any influence and can’t even follow his televised message because they are too poor to afford TV. He says M7 is just wasting his time frequenting appearing on TV displaying a lot of humor and reading out historical facts & statistics because that’s not what the young people are interested in.

Andrew Mwenda

Mwenda, who Tamale Mirundi says has always gone to State House with PR budgets to allegedly polish the President’s image, now says the big man has become “very out fashioned” and can’t win over the youth of the 21st century. That as he spoke last Sunday, “M7 cut the image of a Jurassic president using 15th century methods to communicate to a 21st century audience.” Mwenda, who previously said Bobi Wine & Besigye were supported by hooligans & cyber bullies, now admits the young people have genuine grievances against the NRM. Saying it was wrong for the big man to publicly brag about preparing well for his family, Mwenda (who always claimed to M7’s advisor) now says he even wonders whether the President has any advisors he sits down with before appearing on TV. He doesn’t sound like the M7 palace insider he always claimed to be. “It may actually be too late to fix M7’s public image because doing this requires a message” which the President doesn’t have anymore. He says he has been on the look out and his conclusion is “these days its hard to find a large community of admirers who really believe in what M7 stands for.” He says even those who do are reluctant to openly identify with M7, NRM & the govt. He then reveals how the President has always had artificial supporters at Universities. “Students want to be cool. But supporting M7 isn’t cool anymore. Those who do are seen as sell-outs. Students at University would only openly defend M7 if there is something bigger to compensate their bad reputation-promises of a job, money or status,” Mwenda writes adding this is why M7 will have to depend on money “to have defenders  social & other traditional media.”



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