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By Mulengera Reporters
Sources close to both Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu & Gen Mugisha Muntu are separately telling us how their 2021 election plan could shape out. Most of these are still proposals in very preliminary stages. Its being suggested, and many on both sides are gradually buying in, that the amiable General from Ntungamo offers himself to run for Presidency under the People Power platform with Bobi Wine designated as his special campaigner just like Nasser Sebaggala Seya was for Dr. Kizza Besigye in 2001. The slogans are being prepared to sing like “Bobi alagidde tuwe General akalulu.” The alternative would be that of a running- mate but in Uganda that remains alien and is so far being seen as unworkable. The idea of being a special campaigner is to allow Bobi time to grow his political experience as he prepares to run for Presidency in 2026. “This is the best combination you can have to give M7 a shock of his life. You have a fresh candidate on the ballot paper with lots of charisma with a very competent crowd-pulling mobilizer (Bobi) leading his campaign,” said one of the political strategists Gen Muntu has hired to advise on the best way forward. In case the Bobi-Muntu coalition wins, they form a joint government with other change-seeking forces. At minimum they are certain to get many MPs and local govt leaders enabling them to form opposition leadership in the 11th Parliament. That way Bobi becomes the LoP and it becomes a platform and opportunity for him to adequately prepare himself for 2026 when he will have accumulated enough political experience. The other emminent coalition like Asuman Basalirwa will get the opportunity to chair lucrative committees of Parliament. The biggest hurdle now is to work out and agree on a list of joint MP candidates to be fielded to avoid splitting votes in order to significantly reduce the M7 majority in Parliament so that even if he bounces back in 2021, M7 is lame duck and can be forced to begin negotiating his exit or even power sharing. “We have realized that failing to agree on joint MP candidates is what can kill this strategy and that’s why we are starting early. In Nakawa for instance consensus is increasingly emerging that Eddie Yawe becomes the joint flag bearer for People Power in 2021. In some cases we shall endorse and back NRM liberal-minded MPs to ensure that M7’s NRM is decisively demystified,” said the strategist adding that they also intend to reach out and find away of working with FDC. “Even if we don’t agree on the joint presidential candidate, we shall treat our colleagues with respect by not antagonizing their candidates where they are found to be stronger.” We exclusively reported on Sunday that Muntu and Bobi had held a mid night meeting at Serena with Joel Senyonyi and about 10 other people. The strategist says apart from multiple candidates arising from people’s greed for positions, 5th columnists (bayuda) is another challenge they are going to be investing effort to fight. “There will always be such people trying to make money off the struggle but the best is to always be on the look out and act vigilantly by keeping them some safe distance away,” he said.



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