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By Mulengera Reporters
Veteran journalist Bassajja Mivule Bwa Ddene Nsolonkambwe says he has shelved the original plans he had to seek a leadership role in the People Power Movement (PPM). While commenting on Kankesa Media’s earlier post showing four PPM leaders sneaked into State House Entebbe on Wednesday and held a private meeting with President Museveni, Mivule said: “I was beginning to consider joining PPM but I’m now convinced it has been hijacked by money makers.” Speaking on the ongoing NBS Eagle program that airs every Sunday (3-4pm), Mivule says there is no reason Boda riders should continue being clobbered because people claiming to be coordinators of PPM are moles who have been hired to infiltrate Bobi and disorganize the entire political movement seeking to cause political change in Uganda. “Bobi Wine is innocent. He doesn’t know. He thinks everything is okay and that people are genuinely behind the cause for change which isn’t true. I want to inform those innocent Boda riders who were beaten on Thursday not to die for nothing. The thing has been hijacked and Bobi no longer has control because 6 in every 10 people around him as leaders of people power are actually money-makers. They are out to use him to get paid,” said Mivule. “Of all the four people that have been written about in that (Kankesa) post its only you (moderator Simon Muyanga Lutaaya) that I can vouch for but the rest no way.” Muyanga took advantage of Mivule’s outbursts on TV to clarify he was falsely being accused as he has nothing to do with the purported Wednesday meeting at State House Entebbe. But earlier in the day, Muyanga had confided in some workmates at NBS TV and told them the truth is that he had been approached by people he didn’t name imploring him to go for the meeting in Entebbe to discuss people power but he refused because “that’s not the way I work and do my things.” We at Mulengera news also tried to speak to him Sunday morning but Muyanga said “I intend to explain in detail how my name came to be mentioned in those things.”



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