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By Wafula Malik
For sometime, DP President Norbert Mao has been uneasy towards some of the guys leading the DP/UYD re-union crusade. He was first disgusted with the way the reunion bosses mostly Mike Mabikke, Abed Bwanika & Sam Lubega used the DP platform to endorse independent Kassiano Wadri for the Arua MP Seat against Kennedy Madira who was a DP candidate. Mao appeared on radio Pacis in Arua and called Kassiano Wadri a pensioner and vowed to crack the whip on Mabikke and company. His original plan was to denounce the trio and appoint new leaders and coordinators for the reunion on the DP press conference on the Tuesday after Arua polls. However, the beating of the MPs became such a big story Mao feared expelling the trio would cause him to be misunderstood and besides the story wouldn’t gain prominence as everybody was focusing on the torture of the MPs. So now it appears the Mao team is finally ready to call a spade a spade. As we eagerly await the DP VP Mukasa Mbidde’s press conference in Masaka where he is expected to denounce the reunion caravan with which he too is uncomfortable, Christopher Okidi the National DP youth leader who is also a PA to Mao has come out with a bombshell. Okidi’s statement that captures views similar to Mao’s goes as follows;

Christopher Okidi the National DP youth leader

Members this is very Disturbing News.
I thought the attacks on some of our DP/UYD Reunion Core Team members was the usual  FDC hate propaganda directed towards DP and been ignoring it but I cannot ignore it anymore. Impeccable sources intimated that two core members of the UYD Reunion Committee were sighted in the belly of the beast yesterday between 6:30pm-8:00 pm at State House Entebbe. They didnot know cabinet was on and were cited. I’m investigating this to the bottom and we need to deal decisively with this for purposes of safeguarding the reunion from a fifth column the state wants to create in our midst even though the enemy within is harmless if detected early. This is something we need to take seriously & I have no malice.
Signed Christopher Okidi
National Youth Leader UYD



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