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By Mulengera Reporters
During his Sunday night televised address, President M7 read out Maj Edith Nakalema’s phone number (0772634743) and asked the public to use of it to report corrupt practices. We have been reliably informed by sources close to her that within just one day (as of close of day Monday), Maj Nakalema was already frustrated. “She wrote notebooks and got filled up. The calls have been relentlessly coming in and the whole of Monday, she was so busy receiving calls she couldn’t even find time for lunch,” said a Nakalema close acquaintance. “As soon as the President read out the number Sunday night, phone calls began coming in & State House doesn’t know where to start from.” It has further been revealed to us by credibly knowledgeable sources close to her that many of the reports coming in so far have pinned the officers of the DPP, the Judiciary, Mulago Hospital, Makerere University & as well as authorities at Kyambogo University. Some of the reports indicted officials at the Lands Ministry and others in Face Technology which issues driving permits. “Its mostly service delivery institutions that are being reported most but there are also some mostly young fresh graduates that reported UBOS citing irregularities in the recruitment process each time job opportunities are advertised,” said a source adding that Immigration officials (especially passport issuance) too were regularly reported in the hundreds of phone calls Maj Nakalema has received so far. Some reports indicted some EC officials in the districts, according to knowledgeable sources. The practices of the District Service Commissions that are charged with job recruitment in the districts were also plentifully reported to Maj Nakalema. To enable Nakalema cope with the excessive phone calls, plans are underway to create a skeleton staff and a secretariat of sorts to ensure people calling in are adequately attended to. Efforts will also be undertaken to synergize with relevant corruption-fighting institutions like the Inspectorate of Government.



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