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By Wafula Malik
After years of struggling & hoping against hope that things would somehow miraculously work out, big name artiste Jose Chameleone has said enough is enough. In a Facebook post that has since taken millions of his fans by surprise, Chameleone says it’s time to move one & wishes the mother of his children luck. He says they have both tried but have failed to make things work out. This is not the first time José chameleone and wife Daniella Atim have gone through a cold shoulder in their marriage. Daniella has kept on filing divorce cases against the ‘Wako’ singer with claims of assault as well as being a womanizer. “She’s done that so many times. I am tired,” Chameleone responded to one of his fans who was pleading that Daniella deserves 2nd chance. It should be emphasised that even when Daniella was carrying their newly born baby, she filled a divorce in Nakawa court although the matter was ironed out of court. Jose chameleone also admits on  how it has left him heart broken although he thinks it is now time to let go. “Heart broken but have to make a decision finally. When the going gets tough; the tough gets going,” he signs off in his Facebook rant.

The “enough is enough” facebook rant Chameleone posted earlier today clearly indicating his readiness to move out of what had clearly become an emotionally very complicated marriage union.

However the singer didn’t give details for the above reaction but there is a lot we already know about the celebrity couple. They wedded at St. James Biina Catholic Church on 7th June 2008 which makes it 20 years now. In August 2011, Chameleone controversially converted to Islam, a thing that angered Daniella, a devout Catholic to the point of storming out of their marital home. Her late father John Scalabrini intervened, Chameleone apologized, denounced Islam back to Catholicism and Daniella returned home. But things became more complicated when Scalabrini died yet he is someone the signer greatly respected. Sometime last year, it emerged Daniella had used her lawyers of Okurut & Co Advocates to file for divorce in the Nakawa Court. She had also previously gone to the Church with her marriage certificate and consulted on the possibility of revoking what she considers a very regrettable marriage. In her court papers she gave reasons including domestic violence. She accused the signed of forcefully having sex with her in the full view & presence of their children. She said the emotionally very abusive marriage had seen her endure death threats besides being thumped almost daily while being chained on the bed like she is a hardcore criminal. She accused him of locking her up denying her access to medication to treat the wounds resulting from his own violence at home. She attributed much of this violence to alcoholism which she said was becoming an addiction for him. She also claimed to have been clobbered with an iron bar a couple of times at their home. But somehow friends intervened and the couple reconciled; the case was withdrawn & everybody thought they had moved on only to be surprised by Chameleone’s separation pronouncement earlier today.



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