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In a touching presentation, lawyer and Busiro East MP Medard Segona has tearfully told listeners of Kabaka’s CBS radio this evening that from what he has seen, Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu could die way before 23rd August which is when General Court Martial Chairman Gen Andrew Gutti wants him back in his court. Speaking on a difficult telephone line that kept breaking, Segona narrated many things that he and other lawyers have endured in the Gulu court this Thursday evening including the indifference and pride that Gutti exhibited. “On seeing how scared we the lawyers were on seeing our client struggling to breath, Gen Gutti looked at us and said all this [appearance of a terribly wounded Bobi] is alright and expected because provoking the military as he [Bobi] did isn’t a tea party. He [Gutti] says Hon Bobi Wine put up stiff resistance against being arrested and in the process those wounds were inflicted on him,” Segona told the Thursday evening Kiriza obagana political program hosted by Med Nsereko Sebuliba. “As lawyers what fundamentally is more frightening is the fact that Gen Gutti, before whom Hon Bobi is to be tried, already considers him guilty. He already has all the facts and has made a finding even before trial that the man is guilty as charged.” Segona says “there are many options available to us as lawyers and that is what we are weighing to see the best way forward.”

Speaking with a clearly broken voice, a tearful Segona added that: “Hon Kyagulanyi can’t walk, can’t talk, doesn’t hear and I doubt he understands anything around him. He has become blind. He can’t see anything and has a deep cut on the head and his entire body is swollen and he is breathing with extreme difficulty.” Asked what he fears could happen, Segona said: “I’m really constrained to speak much because I shouldn’t discourage or demoralize the people who are clearly anxious about their leader’s continued detention but the truth is the way I have seen my brother, anything can happen. He could die anytime and I’m not certain he will carry on to 23rd August when he is expected back in court. All I can say is let’s pray for him. He really needs prayers and its only God. Let’s pray to Him.” Segona, one of the 5 MPs Parliament deployed on a fact-finding mission, claims Bobi was electrocuted and can neither see nor move or sit by himself. Segona says when they asked Gen Gutti, inside the army court room where he was flanked by over 100 army men, about their client’s agony, he proudly told them: “I don’t know Bobi Wine as such. All I know is anyone brought before me to be tried and he was brought before me. So don’t ask me why he is in that state.” Segona says at the Gulu military facility, the 4th Division Commander told them the same thing. “He was indifferent and told us he [Bobi] was brought here for treatment. It’s not us who did that to him,” Segona said on the radio talk show. Benjamin Katana, who is one of the legislator’s lawyers that travelled to Gulu, says it’s regrettable that despite the very troubling situation he was in, Bobi Wine was brought to the court martial with both his legs and hands chained, a thing that only increased his agony.




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