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By Mulengera Reporter

Seasoned lawyer Dr Alex Bashasha of Bashasha and Company Advocates has told off a section of lawyers whom he accuses of misusing the social media space to soil his image and that of his firm.

The veteran lawyer, who has won several high profile cases in his lustrous career spanning over two decades, says a group of legal practitioners who have failed to make it in the profession are simply trying to bring him down because of his enviable record as a celebrated lawyer.

Recently, the same lawyers have been vending fabricated online reports claiming that Dr Bashasha, who has not been actively practicing for a few years now, was in trouble for stealing from government through his well-connected friends. The reports were hinged on the fact that Bashasha, and his law firm had won several cases and won billions in compensation for their clients.

But Dr Bashasha has fired back at thelawyers, wondering why any sane person, moreover one claiming to be a lawyer, would accuse him of handling government deals yet he was not a public servant. He also questioned the mental stability of those accusing him of winning cases.

“How can one even think that I handle government deals; am I a government official? First of all, government deals are not and cannot be handled in court where evidence is called from both sides and evaluated by an independent third party. Actually such a story is not just an attack on the legal profession but the judiciary and it discredits the entire government machinery and systems,” the veteran lawyer shot back at his haters.

“Court cases are argued during the day, evidence is brought by all sides involved, so why should I be crucified for winning court cases? This is my work as a lawyer and I should instead be applauded for doing my job diligently.”

One of the cases the reports claimed had put Bashasha on the list of those targeted by Lt Col Edith Nakalema’s State House Anti-Corruption Unit was the one whose ruling won Pr Daniel Walugembe billions in compensation. But Dr Bashasha wonders why those spreading lies about him chose to attack him yet he didn’t even handle the case. He also dismissed the assertion that his friends and clients who work in government had influenced the huge courts awards he and his firm were winning.

“Although, it’s not in my interest to respond to such nonsensical issues, this was unprecedented and a serious matter of cyber harassment. Its intention is to bring down and character-assassinate the legal fraternity and the courts. For example, they mention the Pastor Daniel Walugembe case which I didn’t handle personally. This was handled by a member of my law firm. I have taken over 10 years without practicing [going to court]. The case is even on appeal, so why would State House be furious when the parties have exercised their right of appeal?”  further wondered the lawyer

“I am an advocate who has been I practice for 20 years, so how can one expect me not to know ministers and MPs? Actually, some of the ministers I knew them before I joined the legal profession. Some I came to know after winning them election petitions before they even became ministers. To me, they are just my clients not government officials and they have nothing to do with my work in court.”

He has since advised the ‘struggling lawyers’ fighting him to take ‘such nonsensical issues’ to the Law Council for redress.

“Even State House, if it has any grievances against me, it is free to file complaints with the Law Council. It is unfortunate that these allegations are being [vended] by lawyers who have failed in legal practice that is why they run to Social Media,” he said.

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