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Months back, youth leader and renowned political activist Ismael Serunjogi (famous for his militant approaches when confronting those he perceives to the corrupt or moles for the NRM) had resumed serious activism on realizing 2021 was nearing. Some even suspected he was eyeing the Central region youth MP Seat.
But after the Arua fracas and the subsequent clamping down on activists by the security agencies, Serunjogi sunk into some oblivion and would be conspicuously missing in grand political activities organized by opposition heavyweights like Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, People Power Surpremo BoBi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu or even his 2nd in command Francis Zzake who is Mityana Municipality MP.
The guys who last week travelled with Bobi Wine to the States including our own mole were shocked to see Serunjogi in the land of Uncle Sam.
However, he seemed timid and uncomfortable openly associating with members of Bobi’s entourage during the concerts the singing Kyadondo East MP staged there.
This decision to live incognito, we understand, was prompted by Serunjogi’s fear to blow his own cover and be identified by State agents whose numbers have lately been increasing in the West to spy on pro-People Power activists.

Fellow activists are nervous and anxious regarding Ismael Serunjogi’s whereabouts

Fellow activists are wondering where Ismael Serunjogi has lately been hiding

Fellow activists are confused as to where Ismael Serunjogi disappeared to


Even members of his political grouping have since resorted to identifying someone else to in 2021 stand for the Central region MP Seat which had been designated for Serunjogi who they are now convinced may never be available again to freely participate in local politics since there is a persisting threat for security operatives to apprehend him in the hope that he knows alot regarding People Power public activities similar to the Arua fracas, OTT riots and other defiance political activities orhestrated by Hon Bobi Wine and his People Power movement.



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