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Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of the Kikoni-based House of Prayer Ministries International (HMPI) has extended an open invitation to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to come for cleansing prayers on any day she chooses. Speaking to a large Sunday congregation at his Canaan Land grounds in Makerere Kikoni, Bugingo discussed the futility of Daniel Akuze’s insistence that Kadaga pays his balance of Shs204m. He claims it’s his witchcraft (contracted in 1990) that blessed Kadaga to become politically successful (as MP, Minister and now Speaker). In his suit filed in Jinja court, Akuze of Kamuli says the Kamuli long serving woman MP reneged on the agreement by refusing to pay him his full consideration which included money and building a house for him. Kadaga is yet to file a defense and has publicly avoided commenting on the suit including during an appearance on Dunstan Busulwa’s Saturday talk show on Top Radio. Instead it’s the Clerk of Parliament Jane Kibirige who released a Friday statement rebutting Akuze’s wild claims against the Speaker. Kibirige argued there is no way Kadaga would seek to use Akuze’s juju in 1990 to become a leader (an MP) which she already was as early as 1989. Calling this Akuze’s figment of imagination, Kibirige said Kadaga has never been EALA MP as the witch claimed. She adds Akuze never used juju to influence Kadaga’s rapid rise to Ministerial appointment because she was made Minister in 1996, seven years after joining politics. That she became Deputy Speaker in 2001 because of hard work and not through the power of witchcraft Akuze claims to have occasioned. In 2011 she was elected Speaker of Parliament (Kibirige says) still because of hard work and it had nothing to do with Akuze’s charms. Calling Akuze’s claims fraudulent and comical, Kibirige faults the witch for implying that the President and Parliament have always acted under the influence of his satanic powers to post Kadaga in a ministerial and subsequently speakership position. She suspects Akuze is being used by “detractors” who are envious of Kadaga’s track record of fearlessly using the Speaker’s office to defend the poor. This is something Kadaga corroborated during her Saturday talk show on Top Radio. “I have fought many wars for the people and I have always had to pay the price of people investing in propaganda fighting me to back off,” she said in reference to her insistence to condemn the army harassment of fishermen on the lakes and the scrapping of scratch cards for airtime users. “God should always help me banange because I have really fought many risky wars in service of the interests of our people and I won’t be stopping because of the way I’m being attacked by evil-minded people.”

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga


During the Sunday service, Bugingo said that unfortunate and anomalous as they might be, Akuze’s utterances are nationally very shameful because even a mere accusation against the person of the Speaker is demonizing enough for the country. He argued that the accusations Kadaga finds herself in is proof that those things of witchcraft don’t work and aren’t sustainable. “The practice is that witchdoctors never deserve any balance. Even right here many of you previously practiced those things but abandoned that past the moment you came for salvation and once you have decamped and come to Christ, you cease to be under obligation to pay the balance. This is why Rt. Honorable Speaker should ignore that witchdoctor. Please don’t pay him anything and instead just come to House of Prayer and we pray for you because here blessings are for free,” said Bugingo whose church has previously been visited by many eminent citizens including the President, Jennifer Musisi, Justice Catherine Bamugemereire and others to be prayed for. Bugingo said Kadaga is welcome to House of Prayer in line with this tradition of big people fellowshipping there as often as they like after all many of her MPs are regular worshippers there. In the same vein Bugingo thanked Parliament for the last week plenary session during which Manjiya MP JB Nambeshe’s proposals to suffocate Pentecostal Churches was resoundingly rejected. He specifically commended MP Semujju Nganda and another from Buvuma for boldly telling off Nambeshe to permanently shield his “satanic” proposals. It remains to be seen if Kadaga, who has lately been intensifying her participation in radio talk shows and community outreach activities, will positively embrace and honor the open invitation the Canaan big man has extended to her. She is officially Anglican but has never publicly directed any hostility to the Born Again Pastors or their churches. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.



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