Bukomansimbi MP Deo Kiyingi has finalized plans to run for the DP Presidency on grounds that current President Norbert Mao hasn’t done as impressively as was originally expected. Kiyingi, who is widely credited for spearheading efforts by DP to recapture Bukomansimbi which is the cradle for its founding President Ben Kiwanuka, is counting on getting a block vote from Greater Masaka where DP’s support remains strongest to this day. Sources close to him say that Kiyingi’s other selling point is the fact that he hasn’t been antagonistic to outgoing President Mao who is expected to respect the two terms practice and not seek reelection at the party’s upcoming delegates conference. But Kiyingi will have to overcome equally formidable challenge from DP Vice President Mukasa Mbidde who too has for long been scheming to become next DP President General. His neutral and non-abrasive approach is another selling point for Kiyingi making him easily acceptable as a moderate acceptable to the Mao faction members and those opposed to the charismatic eloquent politician from Gulu.

MP Deo Kiyingi

In Parliament, Kiyingi (who is credited for the growing number of DPs in elected positions in rural Bukomansimbi) is serving his 2nd term having first been elected in 2011 when he defeated strong opponents from NRM. He is also credited for being part of the lobbying efforts that saw Bukomansimbi elevated to district status. The party mobilization machine he heads in Bukomansimbi secured the election of Susan Namaganda as woman MP and later on Veronica Nanyondo who took over following the death of his elder sister Susan in a controversial accident along Kampala-Masaka Highway. Aged 52 years, Kiyingi’s other selling credentials include being a Catholic and Muganda of a laid back character similar to the demeanor past DP Presidents PK Semogerere and Sebaana Kizito exhibited. In Bukomansimbi, despite wars with his Vice President Mbidde (aka VP Kyarenga), Deo Kiyingi remains very popular with voters because of his large heart that has seen him generously support social causes including regularly funding prominent Muslims’ visits to Mecca to acquire the title of Hajji. All these factors combine to ensure the Bukomansimbi home turf is solidly behind Deo Kiyingi as he goes about popularizing his bid as the next DP President. “The biggest problem would be failing to organize credible elections by getting delegates from Arua Park otherwise there is a feeling among genuine party supporters that there is need to return DP to its original identity of being a national party but led by a Muganda Catholic in order to preserve the founding conservative principles on which Ben Kiwanuka and others formed it in the 1950s,” says a source close to the Kiyingi scheme of things. The controversial decision by his wife to join Museveni and serve in the NRM cabinet had initially unsettled many about Deo Kiyingi’s loyalty to DP but with time party members have come to accept it’s possible for one to remain a committed democrat even when his spouse is Minister in Museveni’s cabinet. Besides, many poverty-stricken DPs have privately benefited from Nakiwala Kiyingi’s lobbying skills and ability to use the ministerial platform to lobby for developmental support for her people back home in Bukomansimbi where she is understood to be eyeing Veronica Nanyondo’s Woman MP Seat. Calling it pragmatism, some DP supporters see Kiyingi wife’s ministerial posting as a blessing in disguise because through her they can leverage on many things to materially lead better lives. Politics has lately been commercialized beyond redemption but gratefully money isn’t a problem for the Kiyingis whose Mutungo Hill residence is already being used for planning meetings on how to get Deo Kiyingi succeed his role model and icon Norbert Mao as DP President General. Drawing on his close association to DP luminaries like PK Semogerere, Deo Kiyingi considers himself lucky to have been mentored and inspired by the best. It will be interesting to see how the incumbent Norbert Mao reacts to this new unexpected challenge to his throne as DP President. Kiyingi is just the latest to show keenness in taking up national leadership positions at the upcoming DP delegates’ conference. Others perceived as deeply interested include Abed Bwanika and Micheal Mabikke who are said to be menacingly salivating at the two vacant positions of Party National Chairman (Mohammed Kezaala defected to NRM) and Secretary General whose occupant Matia Nsubuga died a few years ago. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.



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