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Big name musician Mozey Radio remains hospitalized in ICU at Buganda road-based Case Hospital. He was rushed there on Monday after being involved in violence while at De Bar in Entebbe. The chaos left him to nearly coma and with a deeply fractured skull. The medics maintain that he was hit so badly blood entered his brain, putting his life at great risk. Other emminent Ugandans, like Prof Lawrence Mukiibi, who experienced similar incidents only survived for a short time. The August 2016 accident had the same effect on Prof Mukiibi inflicting damage and brain wounds to which he eventually succumbed in May last year/2017. The medics say conditions like Radio’s always culminate into blood clotting around the brain (if not properly nanaged) and thereby diminishing survival chances.

From the narrative of Police sources close to the ongoing investigations, and further corroborated by Hassan Muwonge a worker at the bar who witnessed the entire fracas, Mozey Radio’s current predicament resulted from his provocative conduct. We have gathered that Mozey Radio, who arrived at the bar as early as 7pm, had by 9pm become excessively boozified and started shouting provocative obscenities specifically aimed at the manager George Egesa. He went as far calling Egesa a useless paupper who is nothing to a big celebrity of his (Radio’s) status. Egesa at first thought this was the usual musician joke (olwali) and ignored Mozey Radio’s rantings. Perhaps Mozey was doing all this in order to appease or impress a certain young lady called Pamela who Hassan Muwonge says is the the reason the musician was at the bar. It wasn’t readily clear which relationship the two have but Pamela arrived as early as 5pm and was two hours later (7pm) joined by Mozey who came with producer Washington and a group of hangers-on (baperegesi).

Mozey Radio started boozing right away and by 9pm the musician, who was clearly intoxicated and perhaps not in control of his mental faculties, barely understood anything. In that state of drunkenness, Radio started shouting all manner of obscenities specifically targeting George Egesa the bar manager. He branded him a pauper adding that he was someone too poor, he can’t even buy one round of booze for a big star like him. He even doubted if such a poor man can afford basic things such as taking his girl friend out for a drink in the evening in a cheap place. “I dare you to prove me wrong by buying just one bottle of black label for me,” Radio mockingly said prompting Egesa to order for one. When it was delivered, Radio vigorously shook it and splashed booze on other patrons who were many seated in the bar chatting the evening away. Naturally being the bar manager, Egesa confronted him asking why an understanding adult would be so disrespectful of other patrons. Radio was unrepentant threatening to repeat his stunt. This attracted protestations from other patrons who had initially kept quiet. Fearful to lose other customers who were already protesting De Bar being insecure, Egesa ordered the big name musician who by this time was clearly intoxicated out of his bar.

As expected, Radio said he wouldn’t move an inch reminding everybody how he was among the Tubonganawe stars who secured the big man President Museveni’s re-election barely two years ago. “I can do without you since you acting unruly. You think you as very big but you can be overcome,” Egesa said as Radio maintained he wouldn’t move an inch arguing this is a public place to which he doesn’t need invitation. Supported by other patrons, Egesa rightly reminded him that management retains the right to admission even when its a public place. At this point, tempers further flared up and and Egesa signalled the kanyamas/bouncers to move in and clear off the public nuisance Mozy Radio had chosen to become. Hussein Muwonge, the bar attendant, who witnessed the melee from the very start, says before calling in the bouncers his boss Egesa pleaded with Pamela to persuade her VVIP visitor behave in vain. That Egesa insisted Pamela had a duty to do this because the belligerent celebrity was here because of her. The bouncers marshalled him out and, within a flush, threw him to the wind and Hussein Muwonge maintains that is how the pencil-thin celebrity banged his head on the ground and sustained deep head injuries resulting in his current confinement to the ICU. Police Spokesman Emilian Kayima appeared to confirm Hussein Muwonge’s narrative when he told reporters he wouldn’t be surprised if investigations, which are still ongoing, confirm that the chaos indeed resulted from Mozy Radio’s provocative conduct. Kayima says that from his experience, in most cases the attention-seeking celebrities and Ba-summer (kyeyo guys who storm town with a lot of money & pomp) always act provocatively sparking such chaos in public places. Police so far has since Monday made some arrests relating to Mazy Radio’s unlawful wounding including the bar manager Egesa whose subordinates risk charges of attempted murder or even murder itself in case of the unfortunate eventuality that the very popular singer succumbs to his head wounds and dies. Kayima confirms all this and adds that besides Egesa, in their detention is Xavier Rukare who also works at the same bar. The file number under which the duo is being investigated is SD Ref 85/22/01/2018.

However, Geoffrey Kyagambiddwa (aka Chaga), who manages Radio as a musician, defended his client and disputes Hussein Muwonge’s version of events. He wasn’t at the scene to witness the events but his version goes as follows: He totally omits the Pamela aspect of the story and instead says Radio stopped over De Bar on his way as he returned from Bunono-Katabi where he had gone to inspect his construction site. He says Radio is putting up his country home in that Bunono village. He says chaos ensured not because Radio poured booze on fellow patrons but because he told off one of the bar male staff who impolitely demanded a selfie with him. Chaga says the male staff arrogantly told off Mozy Radio accusing him of showing off yet he isn’t as big as he thinks. Chaga says a bitter verbal exchange ensued between the two resulting into physical confrontation that saw his client (Mozy Radio) violently wrestled on the ground and thereby sustaining deep head injuries that nearly fractured his skull. Veteran singer Bobi Wine, who is among the few close friends and relatives that were initially allowed access to Radio in the ICU, says the young man needs prayers because his situation is very frightening. He stresses that the country badly still needs Mozy Radio because he is indispensable when it comes to possessing rare vocability and general talent to write/compose songs to entertain people. Apart from Bobi Wine, the other few lucky friends and acquaintances that the Case Hospital management permitted access to Mozy Radio include his brother Frank, Moses Kalule of Ebonies and his spouse. To comment on this story and other Mulengera news stories, call or text 0703164755



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